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  1. Http://www.Duken.nl/forums/ A Dutch tutorials website. Running for 14 years now. Still a great hobby. Running v4 for three months now. Love IPB Migration the wordpress content one by one to ipb. First html, then phpnuke, then mambo, then joomla then wordpress and now.... IPB!
  2. Does this still work? Or is there a manual way?
  3. I think i'm getting mad... but where is this option?! Sorry, would you please show me where? :thumbsup: Edit, Never mind... found it :sorcerer:
  4. Yes, for everyone is working fine. Its just the admin account that doens't count. I'm still on 6 min and this should be a few hours + ;) But i'm already happy it is working for the members
  5. It looks like the Admin and (super)Moderator groups aren't counted correctly. Other members are working fine. Can i fix this? Edit: Is just the admin account
  6. Install was succesfully on 3.3.3 and it works as promised. Good tool thank you, But i have the feeling that the coutining isn't correct. After 30 minutes active mine total online time is 11 seconds? I'm posting and browsing the forum. http://www.duken.nl/forums/ Is this normal?
  7. I'm having the Exact same problem. Weird thing is, its just me. Not the other mods / users. Only from my "home" ipadres. Have the problem on a Chromebook, desktop and server. (All on Home IP). I don't have the problem on my Andriod phone connected to my wifi..... weird hu?
  8. Tru... ill report it to move the topic. thank you
  9. I want to buy this mod. But can you tell me how the bots are excluded from the limit? The google / yahoo / bing / etc bot doens't have this limit? How did you do this? Thank you! Regards, Duken
  10. Hi all, I’m having a feeling that the date on the topic’s isn’t the best thing to do. Google loves crawling on my forum and I’m indexed good. But before IPB I had a hack on the SMF forum that removed the date on the topic’s in the Google search. This means that google search didn’t show the date of the topic. So “old” topics where clicked more because a vistor doesn’t think.. “Well that’s old!” Example: Better is to have this topic in the search without the date. What is your idea? Is there a quick and easy way to turn the date off? Regards,
  11. I did the same for my website http://www.duken.nl . A very big dutch download related forum ( http://www.duken.nl/forums ) The convertion wen't flawless and the IPB support is great. Don't hesitate, just do it! My forum users love it!
  12. It looks like i'm getting mad... i cant set the width or find this setting. :s Where is it exactly? Thank you Edit, ignore me, i was reffering to the default facebook hook from ipb.
  13. Do you got any more screenshots? :) Is this just the top 5, or top 5 last week etc? I wan't to keep my forum as clean as possible. But i'm searching for a mod / hook that can show the members with the most "likes".
  14. The software has been upgraded Someone already tested it?