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  1. 2nd that! Thanks for your effort. I'd just like to bump my feature request: Could you look into a search feature to search users/markers on the map? This would be highly appreciated by my community and I think others would also benefit from it... would be cool, if it's not a big deal :]
  2. right now I'm trying to upload 61 pictures (~ 1.5 MB each) and got stuck here for 45 minutes annoying (43 pictures got processed and are in the album but for the rest it seems like it's hanging in the air)e edit: maybe the cause are pictures with a certain size... got some 10000xsomething pics, which seem not to work (panorama shots)
  3. I'm using the gallery for years now and my users still don't get how it works... they upload pictures without creating albums or the upload doesn't work => so they upload their pictures via facebook, because it just works a moment ago an experienced devoloper just gave up trying to upload some pictures in my gallery... he tried it with three different browsers and it didn't work. I've experienced this too, from time to time I do get this generic "there was a problem uploading the file" message and I can't find anything in the logs... that's frustrating
  4. Would it be possible to get some kind of search function into the member map? We do use it with custom markers to mark certain locations in the map.... would be great if people could search the locations by name in the map :]
  5. thanks for the hint, I think it's going the wrong direction that way... Existing features are getting kicked out of the suite and costly 3rd-party plugins are taking over the functionality. I don't like that - Why? It makes the software more expensive (especially for a small site like I'm running one) and with 3rd-party addons there is always the shadow of dropping support/not supporting future versions/keeping you from upgrading because it has bugs with newer versions of the suite... doesn't always have to be like that, but that's my experience so thanks for providing this plugin, would really like to see it for free - I hope this elimination of features/functionality is a rare exception
  6. I just searched the "Promote to Article" link and couldn't find it... I was really confused, switched back to the default IPS-theme until I stumbled upon this thread (which is half a year old) - so this long existing function is not available anymore? sucks big time
  7. besides that (annoying behaviour - just wasted a lot of time) - is there a way to increase this 100 picture upload limit in the gallery? I couldn't find the limit in the gallery settings, nor the group-permissions? thanks in advance
  8. btw. the cause of my problem was a bug in the application regarding the handling of the FURL configuration (should be fixed in the next version as Martin.A mentioned to me) A big thank you for the great and fast support from his side :]
  9. that's what I did
  10. I made it a default app (and cleared cache afterwards) => still not working btw. yesterday when I cleared the cache there was a message that I should execute these commands: now it disappeared... i guess because I uninstalled and re-installed the application.. ? (didn't execute it yet) any more ideas what to do ?
  11. got a new key from MapQuest (for this URL) => no difference
  12. yes, i disabled the member map link in the navigation (just visible for administrators) so I don't get so many messages from the community about a not working functionality but there was no error during installation and it showed up properly in the navigation bar... you can see the difference in the error message between: there is something, but I don't get why it's not working anymore after the conf_global change.. there is also nothing in the error logs nor javascript console
  13. In despair i uninstalled and re-installed the member map application and still got the same error message => you can check it here no more ideas what to do here, help please
  14. I did the upgrade (IPB4) yesterday and upgraded to 3.0.2 => worked perfectly for some time, but then I had to change the "board_url" in the conf_global file due to ip.content issues. Since that change, I do only get this error when I try to access the membermap: I have like 70+ migrated custom entries in the map and it worked fine.... any chance to save it without reinstalling? (all I do to access is using the link via the menu manager, which is directing to the Membermap) - this was availbale on and should be available now through => first it was OK, after the change it throws this error any ideas? (already recached all) add: this is not just a plain 404 error a 404 would be: "Cannot find the page you requested Error code: 2T187/2"
  15. @Martin A. When is the Bugfix-Release capable of https planned? (this working member-map is the last tick on my todo-list to start the upgrade-process from ipb3 to ipb4, so I'm waiting a bit impatiently :))