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  1. This is the response I got to a ticket I raised querying why EXIF data was being stripped from image thumbnails in IP.Board. I'd like to see Image Magick available throughout the entire suite, not just in the gallery.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to produce this hook Adriano :)
  3. I moved over from myBB over a year ago and the whole process went very well. The only issue was that some of the smiley icon thingies didn't make it across in the translations so I ended up with missing image placeholders instead.
  4. I think THL wants what I want - a thumbnail to be generated as a reduced size, separate file - rather than have the thumbnail be the same physical image file, constrained with width and height attributes. If you have 10 or 20 250kb images on the same list page, page loading times suffer a lot...
  5. I am very interested in this app. I run a photography community so images are our main content. Before I buy it, I have some questions: Can I choose to enable or disable thumbnails from URLs, forum by forum (I want this turned on for some forums but not for all)? Are the image pop-ups the full-sized image with a height and/or width setting in CSS, or are they a reduced, scaled version of the image? Is it possible to set a default thumbnail (e.g. my board logo) for when the topic does not contain an image? How do you handle cropping - I love the magazine layout that you have enabled in 1.0.6 but can I control which part of an image is shown as the thumbnail (e.g. I don't want the top of a head to be missing)? Images on my board are 900 pixels on the longest edge and they come in portrait and landscape orientations and can be cropped as 3x2, 1x1 and pretty much any other ratio you can think of, so control over what the thumbnail looks like is really important to me. Ideally, thumbnails should be a 100% quality scaled version of the original image, in the original ratio, padded as necessary to centre them horizontally and vertically.
  6. I prefer it for aesthetic reasons (prettier, larger buttons and less cluttered) - so it depends that you mean by "better"
  7. I don't analyse such things closely so I cannot tell you. I can say that my site runs acceptably fast to me.
  8. First, do this. You may even want to stop at that point. Then sign up with AddThis and choose the buttons you want; when you have them, copy and paste the code they provide you with into the Global Templates > shareLinks template for your skin. I remove all code in this template apart from the first two lines and last line (i.e. the parse code and the if block).
  9. I replaced the default share buttons with the AddThis ones and it all works fine
  10. Check this out: looks like it might be what you need.
  11. ...I should have also added that I would like to be able to show more than one message at a time, too, per user/group.
  12. As per the title... I'd love to be able to put up messages that are global to my site but which a member can close or dismiss once they have read them.
  13. Is this going to be updated for 3.3.x?
  14. Brilliant, thanks Adriano :) Can you add an option to allow images to be shown from specific categories, as well as from albums?
  15. The lightbox needs to be tweakable to really round this out well... comments on/off, background colour/opacity, etc..