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  1. I can, but we need posts to be editable without time restrictions.
  2. Please add an option to disable users from editing topic titles. We have an issue on our forums where people would just change the title to "please delete" if they want their topic gone and considering that we have hundreds of active members, giving warning points just doesn't do it. I know this is a feature in vBulletin (or at least it was before I moved to IPS) and I think you guys should have it too.
  3. So was this option ever added?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. This is a shame because users will just upload giant images that use too much bandwidth and make the page slow.
  5. Is it possible for the plugin to automatically resize the uploaded file to a set dimension?
  6. Well the suite isn't supposed to allow modifications to the page layout either. Right now, anyone can vandalize a page with that plugin.
  7. This is because ZeroHour's post has the following code: <div style="margin-left:1077px;margin-top:56px;"> <div title="Protected by Grammarly"> </div> </div> inserted by the Grammarly plugin. It's happening on my site as well because the plugin is quite popular (2 million users!). I reported that before but IPS said this isn't a bug.
  8. Thanks Lindy, but I'd rather not use any plugins because most of the time they cause issues which can break the suite, or stop working after an upgrade etc. It also doesn't look like you can limit the size of the thumbnails, and even in the plugins demo you can see that the thumbnails are giant 2-mb images. I hope you actually consider adding this as a native feature.
  9. With all due respect, I think you're really, really wrong here. People on the Internet are getting lazier and lazier and prefer to have content given to them, rather than looking for it, this is why grabbing a user's attention is so important. I doubt there will be any more supporters of this because most IPS users hate change and are stuck in 2004. But I was kinda hoping you would see why this is a good idea because you've been doing a lot of great work on improving content discovery and user engagement, such as the Activity Stream (which let's be real -- everybody hated at first).
  10. What do you think @Lindy?
  11. Not only are empty lines annoying, they are also unwanted from the poster. When they hit enter, they do that to embed media, not not create a new line. So the most logical behavior would be to only turn a link into an embed when Enter is pressed. On top of that, it wouldnt be that big of a problem if such behavior created just one empty line. But because some large images take a while to embed (the editor has to download the entire image before it embeds it, so some large gifs could take over 5 seconds to load), users think hitting Enter would help and some posts end up looking like this: Please just consider this @Lindy It's frustrating how such issues are often ignored simply because they are not applicable to communities like this one and you guys don't experience them.
  12. Bump. @Kevin Carwile's app is great, but it doesn't allow creating a file upload field. Please consider this @Lindy I think creating a Topic Image field would be an exteremely good idea. I know it may seem a little "out there" but really I believe it would benefit activity on all IPS forums. One of the biggest problems with the never-changing forum layout is that it simply lists topics and it's just text, which doesn't catch a viewer's attention. Topics with images would bring much more clicks and activity. As an example, take which used to simply list text links as well, but has now added thumbnails and it clearly works for them.
  13. I think you guys missed my point here... I understand completely that PageSpeed's recommendations are just recommendations and most of the time they mean nothing. What I'm talking about is the fact that I ran over 10 IPS4 sites through the tool and it mentioned server response time for 100% of them. And then I tested a bunch of non-IPS4 sites, and that recommendation came up for none of them. That's why I'm concerned, it can't be a coincidence.
  14. Yes, this please. I asked for this so many times.
  15. This is what it shows for me: