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  1. New: Reactions

  2. New: Calendar Event Reminders

    never use calendar, but nice addition
  3. New: Delayed Deletes

    thanx for this
  4. IPS Community Suite 4.1.19 Available

    got this error when access client area : The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2S100/2 I have an active license
  5. New: Content Message

    handy tool for moderator, thanx
  6. Merging multiple topics

    in IPS4 how to merge multiple post in one sub forum that spread on many pages? in IPB 3, you just search it, tick on the topics and merge all, now its gone I really miss this feature
  7. New: Two Factor Authentication

    nice, i love this,
  8. Happy new Year 2017

    new year celebration and I have so much work to do at home happy new year all members
  9. why is search so bad?

    yep somehow it is easier to search forum topic from google than using the forum itself
  10. New: Leaderboard

    nice addition
  11. New: Better Analytics Integration

    nice addition, thanx
  12. How did you guys get a bunch of people to come to your site?

    post quality stuff, use social media and never give up
  13. 4.1.16 Beta Available

    no rush, I'll wait for the final