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  1. There is currently no support for bookmarking articles. Ideally, I'd like to refactor the application so that bookmarking is largely application agnostic. Instead of being programmed explicitly for forum posts, gallery images, or so on, the application will work using IPS' core Node, Item, Comment system. So support can (theoretically) be enabled for any application. I have no estimate on when such an update will be available, but that is something I am working towards.
  2. Have you updated to the latest release? This should have been resolved, but if you're still experiencing issues, let me know.
  3. Just bought a copy of Bulk downloader and configured the 3 sections in settings for 3 groups in each one. Admistrators, Root Admin and GOLD VIP members.

    The download all images link appears fine for the forum topics

    However I am not seeing the download button on the galleries as per your screenshot

    Please advise by PM as your support link takes me to a completely different site


  4. Yep, this is essentially what the Advanced Favicons application is for, It automatically generates favicons for all devices (mobile and desktop) using a single base image, among other optional mobile specific design tweaks.
  5. Hey Makoto,

    I've found an issue with Bulk Downloader. Whenever the application is enabled, I start to see the following when browsing to forum posts:

    ErrorException: array_map(): Argument #2 should be an array (2)
    #0 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::errorHandler(2, 'array_map(): Ar...', '/home/cinemavi/...', 38, Array)
    #1 /home/cinemavi/public_html/init.php(435) : eval()'d code(38): array_map(Object(Closure), Object(IPS\forums\Topic\Post))
    #2 /home/cinemavi/public_html/system/Content/Controller.php(944): IPS\forums\bulkdl_hook_ForumsTopic->comments(1, NULL, 'date', 'asc', NULL, NULL, Object(IPS\DateTime))
    #3 [internal function]: IPS\Content\_Controller->getNewComment()
    #4 /home/cinemavi/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): call_user_func(Array)
    #5 /home/cinemavi/public_html/system/Content/Controller.php(46): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()
    #6 /home/cinemavi/public_html/applications/forums/modules/front/forums/topic.php(40): IPS\Content\_Controller->execute()
    #7 /home/cinemavi/public_html/init.php(435) : eval()'d code(15): IPS\forums\modules\front\forums\_topic->execute()
    #8 /home/cinemavi/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\forums\modules\front\forums\bulkdl_hook_ForumsModulesFrontTopic->execute()
    #9 /home/cinemavi/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
    #10 {main}

    This issue has been confirmed by IPS Support to be specific to Bulk Downloader. Please advise, and thanks for finally making this product!

    1. Makoto


      Hey Circo,

      Thanks for the report! I just posted an update that should take care of this error,

      Let me know if you're still running into any issues!

    2. Circo


      Thanks so much, installing it now!

  6. Bulk Downloader is awesome - thanks for offering it in the Marketplace.

    1. Makoto


      Thanks Joel, I appreciate the praise!

  7. I am very sorry for my unresponsiveness over the last few weeks. I have just pushed an update that should address the above compatibility issues.
  8. Sorry for the delay @Sull5, I've been a bit bogged down lately! I'm going to look into this now and will have an update available for you soon.
  9. @ips is a named location block, which is described in the above guide.
  10. This was an issue caused by some recent backend server changes that disabled rewrites for the application. This has been resolved, and the results should all be green again. Thanks for the report. Can you try running the setup wizard again and see if that resolves the issue? I've written up a basic set of Nginx rewrite rules for the application. You can find them here, You'll just need to make sure these are included before any location blocks for static files and have these requests routed directly to IPS/PHP.
  11. There's really no reason your users should not want to use HTTPS if they actually understand the differences between the two.
  12. A new release has been posted which addresses a compatibility issue with IPS 4.1.6. If you have not upgraded to 4.1.6 yet, please disable the Account Deactivation application before upgrading to the latest IPS release. Then, after upgrading IPS, go ahead and upgrade the Account Deactivation application as well. After you do that, you can re-enable the application. If you have already upgraded to 4.1.6 and you are getting template errors on your site and in the AdminCP, please manually add the following to the end of the URL in your web browser after logging in to the AdminCP to access the applications page: &app=core&module=applications&controller=applications From here, just upgrade the Account Deactivation application like normal and that should take care of the issue.
  13. I haven't, I'm sorry. I'll keep this on my list and look into it when I have a chance though.
  14. Happy new years! Here's a cat monkey eating a banana,



  15. Hey @bradl, Regarding the errors returned by the support tool, you can ignore those. They aren't actually a problem. The support tool sometimes mistakenly believes the database schema is out of sync when it's not, so that's why even when you run the tool the "error" reappears. On the notifications issue, I am actually not able to reproduce this on my live forum at the moment, but I will look into this in more detail for you shortly. If you don't mind sending me a PM to set up a temporary administrator account so that I can debug the issue for you, that'd be a great help. (Otherwise, try searching for "System Logs" in the AdminCP. See if you can find anything of relevance in the most recent log entries and copy and paste them here.)