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  1. This plugin has not been tested with the latest release of IPS, so I can't promise it will still work as intended. I'm not even sure if I still have a copy of this on-hand, and I don't have access to any of my old marketplace listings either, but as I no longer plan on maintaining this plugin you're welcome to just post a copy of it here as an attachment @AndyF.
  2. @Lindy / @Charles someone sent this to me (guess why), thought you two might get a laugh out of it as well


  3. Of relevance,
  4. No problem, good luck with your community!
  5. That is dependent on many factors. A good shared host is usually sufficient for most people, but trying to run a large/high traffic installation on a shared host will become problematic. After a certain point, your hosting provider is likely to send you packing for consuming too many resources. It's hard to describe what qualifies a community as "large", however, as raw post/member counts are not particularly reliable indicators. There's also the matter of how much storage space and bandwidth you need (i.e. whether or not your forum hosts a lot of attachment/gallery images/etc.). So in summary, what you've heard is not entirely accurate, but it again depends on how good your hosting provider is and how much traffic you need to handle.
  6. Well, if the majority of third party developers here are lazy and able to learn in spite of that, there should be nothing left to stop you
  7. IPS4 does utilize a much heavier framework than IPB3, so the resource requirements will be higher; however, overall performance will be hugely dependent on how good your hosting provider is. As long as you have a well-managed server, you should have no problems. On the other hand, running on a poorly configured and/or oversold budget shared server is likely to bring IPS4 quickly to crawl. I have an average application response time of around 25-100ms on one of my production servers running IPS4, and that server is not even fully optimized yet.
  9. It's a hidden fact that all third party developers are actually sloths in real life.
  10. As @Joy Rex mentioned, 3.4.x is no longer supported, and continuing to use it can end up exposing yourself to potentially serious security vulnerabilities over time. Not only in regards to IPS itself, the 5.x branch of PHP is eventually going to reach EOL, and if IPB 3.4.x isn't fully compatible with PHP 7 (I honestly don't remember if 3.4.x can run on PHP 7 without major issues), you will end up stuck on an unsupported version of PHP. Finally, should you ever decide to upgrade to 4.x later down the road, opting to use 3.4.x now will create a larger burden for you. So in short, I would strongly advise against using 3.4.x unless you really know what you are doing. If you run into any issues on 3.4.x, you will be entirely on your own. The few larger websites that still run 3.4.x tend to have their own development teams that essentially operate on a forked version of IPB, so they can maintain and apply security patches themselves; which is far from a common case scenario.
  11. I have always found the subject extremely fascinating, even as a kid growing up. It's exciting to see a lot of things that were once only science fiction becoming a reality, Unfortunately, as I currently rent and live in an apartment, I can't really go insane on home automation DIY projects. But whenever I am able to secure my own house, that is something I am looking forward to doing. Home automation is like a giant developer playground.
  12. There is currently no support for bookmarking articles. Ideally, I'd like to refactor the application so that bookmarking is largely application agnostic. Instead of being programmed explicitly for forum posts, gallery images, or so on, the application will work using IPS' core Node, Item, Comment system. So support can (theoretically) be enabled for any application. I have no estimate on when such an update will be available, but that is something I am working towards.
  13. Have you updated to the latest release? This should have been resolved, but if you're still experiencing issues, let me know.
  14. Just bought a copy of Bulk downloader and configured the 3 sections in settings for 3 groups in each one. Admistrators, Root Admin and GOLD VIP members.

    The download all images link appears fine for the forum topics

    However I am not seeing the download button on the galleries as per your screenshot

    Please advise by PM as your support link takes me to a completely different site