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  1. [HQ] Extra Forum Permissions

    And that hook doesn't work at all. I prefer this one. What would be a cost ? Send me PM please. Thank you.
  2. [HQ] Extra Forum Permissions

    You didn't get me at all. Why would I want to change the text??? I want to change the function (=code) of that so instead likes/reputation to enter forum I want to change into function to add new reply. Members should enter the forum and see topics, but they can't reply---that's what I want.
  3. [HQ] Extra Forum Permissions

    I want to change next: How many likes/reputation points an user must have received to enter this forum? And instead that to use: How many likes/reputation points an user must have received to post a reply (quick or full) in this forum? What lines I should change? I want members to see the topics, but not to reply if they don't have enough reputations.
  4. From other forum- a solution for the problem;: for information if anyone got messed up with their skin after added a SOS_BBCodes.css, (happen to me before). Make sure change the include position in CSS properties into your last number/position. Make sure you SOS_BBCodes.css is at the bottom of all other css file.
  5. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    skin works fine on 3.2.3
  6. Converting from mybb1.6 to IPB 3.2 -errors

    all members have now before username Guest_username example: Guest_fairsy How to solve this?
  7. Hello! I am getting error while converting: System Error Your remote emoticons path is not readable. any help?