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  1. was wondering if this will get made for ips4.0,i use this hook on my 3.4 site and would love to get it for 4.0
  2. I'm considing purchasing ip downloads,but would like to know is there any way i can configure it do i can put the downloadable file on a different server?
  3. thanks for the answer,will consider that over that next week.
  4. I'm currently using ipb 3.4.3 but would like to purchase content,with how i have my skin and everything else on my site set up i really dont want to have to update since i have no problems that i know off,so would i be able to use the new version of content?
  5. im all for anything that makes the url to links look clean and simple
  6. one question before i purchase this,will this stop people from using the quick reply to post links cuz i used the older version and it doesnt do that
  7. thanks,work out really well
  8. at my site the new topics can get really really long so is there a way to limit the characters for latest topic main block?
  9. just installed the light theme and only had one problem,i have the customizing for members disabled and im setting colors and background from the hook,it changed the background but the color is grey.Using build 6 so you know.
  10. i had this problem too when i got it,but the creators site has been down for months,im not sure if this happen on fluid skin but if you have the shoutbox on your forum,change the view of it where the buttons and stuff are under it
  11. i have never given anyone a bad rating before but there is always a first.i hate the fact you need a hook to see the forum,just a waste of resources which your user group permissions already do.then add when you try to change text color on the board index some other coding to the logo overrides it,,missing buttons and last how half the skins doesnt even match the dark theme.editor is the default ipb skin editor which is white and this is a dark theme.
  12. like the hook,but is there a way to center the images on the board index?
  13. Getting a error only with the archive,everything else works fine Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in/home/blah/public_html/forum/ips_kernel/classDbMysqlClient.php on line 445 not sure how to fix this so any help would be great