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  1. Robert, I worked with you a few years ago on investors Forum.  I need your help again my man.  I am shutting down IF and up loading Murder On Music Row.  I need to down load the skin and upload to MOMR.  Let's talk money and time.  You know I pay well and immediately! 

    Thank You

    Timothy Smith

    Associate Producer

    Murder On Music Row ©

  2. I do not understand what you mean by "A media server or media server hosting Red5". Does IPB not support this? Any help is appreciated. As I am at this point of installation. Thanks Timothy Smith
  3. Hello, I have uploaded the sidebar block. It shows on my sidebar. What I want to do is upload a live stream to Bloomberg TV. Here is the link: How do I get this to play in the side bar? Thanks Timothy Smith
  4. I agree!!!! It is needed for my forum, badly!!!
  5. Юрий, Если бы я типа на английском языке, не другие члены видят в России или мне придется вводить на русском языке? Спасибо Тимоти Смит
  6. Are you working on this file to work with 3.3.3 or 3.3.4? These are nice and I would like to use one of these. The ACP is ok with the color, it is just the back ground and the login pic that is annoying. Thanks Timothy Smith
  7. Installed and it never has worked
  8. I have installed shoutbox correctly. I click on the tab and it shows the board, I type in test and none of the links work i.e. Shout, Clear, Refresh, My Prefs. Any ideas as why this is not functioning? Thanks Timothy Smith Investors Forum
  9. Michael, This looks to be a pretty awesome app. I am a newbie here. So I don't much know what I am doing and need a little step by step help. I have downloaded this but how exactly do I get it into my board to work? I really need a hand here step by step. Thanks Timothy Smith Investors Forum