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  1. Ipb 3 license and ipb4

    I'm sorry you feel this way but IPS 4.0 is a great piece of software. It's $25 to renew IP.Board alone and then extra per addon you have.
  2. Advanced Path Aliases - LITE

    Works like a charm.
  3. Now Hiring: Support

    Hi Lindy, is this a remote position?
  4. Automatic Suspension after flagging/reporting

    It's not a perfect idea. It would have to be if x amount of users reported an x amount of posts over a prolonged amount of time to ensure its not a backfire.
  5. Possibly because it's a demo and not an active board. As far as I'm aware it for you to test out. You can manually activate him in the ACP if you need to.
  6. Suggestion:free file of the month

    If its released free once then it will be uploaded some other resource place for others to download which would mean the add on wouldn't really sell again. That's just my opinion.
  7. PLEASE allow renewals before expiry

    If it's easier you could add account credit so that the invoice automatically uses it.
  8. Christmas Giveaway

    Why should non-clients just get rewarded and not allow clients who have been paying money for years not have a chance of winning the competition?
  9. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    @Aiwa, Do you know if this is possible? Thanks.
  10. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Anyway we can get the Shoutbox to work with custom name styles? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I have posted on the custom name style support topic on the 19th, but he seems to be away at the moment as he hasn't visited Invisionpower since the 19th October. Thanks.
  11. Hosting anything?

    No, You are not allowed to host illegal things on their servers and you can't use nulled apps with their software. Your license or site will be terminated.
  12. Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    Alright, thanks! It would be really good if you can add an option to enable/disable this on the board, so members can click Enable Snow or Disable Snow on the nav bar or something! Hopefully done by december 1st! Thanks.
  13. Download: (SOS34) Snow Forum

    Will this hook be updated with anything new for Christmas 2013? Just installed it to see if it worked, but don't seem to see the snow drops on the default IPB skin nor my custom skin :s But we have time to fix this! (Talk about preparing ahead!) Thanks.
  14. (e34) Custom Name Style

    Would you be able to allow this to work with the IPB Shoutbox hook? Thanks.
  15. Reverse Warning

    Okay, just would come in handy. You made me 1 hook and then merged another one for me. If you could make the button on the users profile page ill be purchasing this. . Thank You.