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    I run a support site. This lets me see who has an interest in particular topics and helps provide that support. Great!
    Turned this off at one stage while I was troubleshooting something else. Members complained it was missing. So: Works, useful.
    Just sits there doing its work. Great!
    Helps identify mostly elderly members who need help with logging in. Great!
    Our mostly elderly members often reply to the website email instead of posting. This plugin makes it so simple to post their reply for them, then change the author to their user name. Thanks Jim
    I run a site with mostly older men as members with a low rate of posting (about 1 per day) (JimJimJimJim.com) Most members have not met with forum concepts, so I use this wonderful app to have them follow all sub-forums, and the forums function like an email list. Works well. Many thanks Adriano. Jim
  1. Adriano Wonderful time saver! Does it also work if the Admin uses the Add a new member function? Thanks Jim
  2. Replace one Tag with a few? A drug may have several names. So, can I search for the tag enzalutamide and replace it with enzalutamide, Xtandi, MDV-3100? Thanks Jim
  3. Thanks Mike. IPS no longer gives hosted sites FTP access. But my current need is not urgent (only seen by moderators and admins), so I am happy to wait for the next version. Cheers, Jim
  4. Mike Is this something I will have access to if i am hosted by Invision Power?
  5. {field_value_8}: Text field, Display Name {field_value_5} {field_value_6}: Text fields , First Name, Last Name {field_value_7} Email field, Your email address
  6. Sending a form to a topic, longer topic titles are broken by <wbr>. e.g. {field_value_8}: {field_value_5} {field_value_6}: {field_value_7} gives JimmyJimJim: Jim Marshall: FriendsOfJimMarshal<wbr>l@gmail.com Any way to fix this except a shorter title? TIA Jim
  7. Great hook! Just one small change I would like to see. Currently, if a sentence in the Post Content is broken in the middle of a sentence, there is an ellipsis (3 dots) inserted. However, if the Post Content is broken at a new line, there is no ellipsis. This may lead some to think that the post content displayed is complete. Can I suggest that an ellipsis is displayed always, unless the whole of the post content fits? Example Whole post Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. Video: Now displayed (Yesterday, 01:00 AM) Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG Suggested display (Yesterday, 01:00 AM) Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG TIA Jim Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG 9346. http://askdrmyers.wo...-v-iht-for-pca/Last Reply: Admin 9346.Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. Last Reply: Admin 9346.Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. ...
  8. Is this what I need for members to see replies to topics that they have not posted, commented on, or followed? http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/364229-finding-new-replies-to-topics/#entry2276622
  9. Excuse a newbie question: When you say: NOTE: You MUST make sure you are first logged into the front-end as a user with permission to use the system do you mean that the user must be a member of the Administrators group, or another with access to the AdminCP? TIA Jim