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    I run a support site. This lets me see who has an interest in particular topics and helps provide that support. Great!
    Turned this off at one stage while I was troubleshooting something else. Members complained it was missing. So: Works, useful.
    Just sits there doing its work. Great!
    Helps identify mostly elderly members who need help with logging in. Great!
    I run a site with mostly older men as members with a low rate of posting (about 1 per day) (JimJimJimJim.com) Most members have not met with forum concepts, so I use this wonderful app to have them follow all sub-forums, and the forums function like an email list. Works well. Many thanks Adriano. Jim
  1. Adriano Wonderful time saver! Does it also work if the Admin uses the Add a new member function? Thanks Jim
  2. Replace one Tag with a few? A drug may have several names. So, can I search for the tag enzalutamide and replace it with enzalutamide, Xtandi, MDV-3100? Thanks Jim
  3. Thanks Mike. IPS no longer gives hosted sites FTP access. But my current need is not urgent (only seen by moderators and admins), so I am happy to wait for the next version. Cheers, Jim
  4. Mike Is this something I will have access to if i am hosted by Invision Power?
  5. {field_value_8}: Text field, Display Name {field_value_5} {field_value_6}: Text fields , First Name, Last Name {field_value_7} Email field, Your email address
  6. Sending a form to a topic, longer topic titles are broken by <wbr>. e.g. {field_value_8}: {field_value_5} {field_value_6}: {field_value_7} gives JimmyJimJim: Jim Marshall: FriendsOfJimMarshal<wbr>l@gmail.com Any way to fix this except a shorter title? TIA Jim
  7. Great hook! Just one small change I would like to see. Currently, if a sentence in the Post Content is broken in the middle of a sentence, there is an ellipsis (3 dots) inserted. However, if the Post Content is broken at a new line, there is no ellipsis. This may lead some to think that the post content displayed is complete. Can I suggest that an ellipsis is displayed always, unless the whole of the post content fits? Example Whole post Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. Video: Now displayed (Yesterday, 01:00 AM) Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG Suggested display (Yesterday, 01:00 AM) Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG TIA Jim Snuffy Myers unimpressed by SWOG 9346. http://askdrmyers.wo...-v-iht-for-pca/Last Reply: Admin 9346.Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. Last Reply: Admin 9346.Mis-match phase II and clinical observations are headscratchers, and more. ...
  8. Is this what I need for members to see replies to topics that they have not posted, commented on, or followed? http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/364229-finding-new-replies-to-topics/#entry2276622
  9. Excuse a newbie question: When you say: NOTE: You MUST make sure you are first logged into the front-end as a user with permission to use the system do you mean that the user must be a member of the Administrators group, or another with access to the AdminCP? TIA Jim
  10. me to