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  1. Would someone care to step a newbie admin through this process; I simply want Verdana to be the site-wide font. TIA, KL
  2. Suite

    From what page can "Account settings" be reached? I went straight to edit profile too, as on every other board I post to, that's where sig. info lives. Found it. On reflection, IMHO this setting does belong in "Edit Profile" (if a sig. is not part of one's profile, what is it, I wonder?).
  3. This is so sensible, simple, and logical. Please implement a simple set of permissions along these lines; it would make my job a lot easier.
  4. That would work perfectly on my Home page too. Because of past spamming, I manually approve all new users, but I can see how I could combine the "Ask your question" idea with this (just have a display line "your post is being moderated" to cover the time it takes to send out an email to the new user, and get a valid reply email back then hand approve). This could definitely work for us. Great idea.
  5. One of my mods, interacting with our forum for the first time after we upgraded to v. 4, accidentally deleted an important thread. Is there any way of getting it back? I will open a support ticket on this, too; seems like a basic functionality.
  6. As a newby non-coder admin, I appreciate your efforts to improve your excellent product, which we have been using for three years now. I am particularly excited about being able to add a judicious bit of colour here and there for important notices to new users of our forum, and I am sure many others will be too. Congratulations, and no one can know just how much work has gone on behind the scenes, I am sure, so thank you sincerely.
  7. Hello there Using IP.Board 3.4.8. Where can the visual skin editor be found? TIA
  8. In my view, this is a real problem; on a retail site recently, I reloaded the reCAPTURE six times on a high-rez screen and could not decipher any of them—so contacted the owner directly. I wonder if this was the intention! :) And thanks for the info. re. only one word being needed by reCAPCHA. I will try that.
  9. This flat out made me laugh, AND gave me the info. I needed! Two thumbs up!