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    This is a wonderful app! I also use Taman's, and combined, it creates such a unique and amazing way to display information.
  1. Awesome! Thank you so much!!
  2. Hey there. I changed my website template and need to change the color of the border around the avatar picture in the testimonial carousel. Can you tell me how to do that again? It's been so long, I've forgotten. Thank you!!
    Amazing! I was having trouble getting it set up correctly, but Taman was patient and kind in getting it all worked out for me. I look forward to more of his items coming out in the future. Just a truly great experience all around!
    Simply beautiful! Clean, elegant lines and a wonderful slideshow. Exactly what I've been looking for, and very customizable. Taman is a great person to deal with, and I highly recommend him! Thank you, Taman!!
    Lovely app that serves a multitude of purposes! Creator is swift to answer. Definitely an excellent purchase.
  3. Thank you so much!!
  4. Thank you for this wonderful app! Can you tell me how to go about changing the name 'Testimonial' on the submit testimonial button? I'm not using the app for testimonies, but for something else. Thank you for your help!!
    This app is absolutely amazing! A flawless install without a single hitch, and it is up an running within 5 minutes. This is exactly what I'm in need of for my gaming community, and I couldn't be happier! I having nothing but admiration for Kevin and his ability to create such a wonderful application, and I'm still floored by how easy it was to install.
  5. Excellent, speedy service, and so easy to work with! Definitely my go-to guy for aesthetics! I wish I could give more stars!!
  6. I can't express enough what a pleasure it was to work with Michael. He is extremely professional and his skills are top notch. It's been very difficult for me to find a reliable IPB coder, but now that I've found him, I am guaranteed to have my website exactly the way I want it. I highly recommend DevFuse for all your custom IPB apps, and sincerely look forward to working with him again!!