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  1. Any luck on this?
  2. Does the "Find their other tutorials" work? Does not seem to on my site - the link looks like this: http://www.mydomain.com/forums/profile/1-loren/content/?controller=members&type=tutorials_article But it returns the following error: Sorry, there is a problem That page does not exist. Error code: 2S100/1 Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  3. I can confirm this bug.
  4. I'm interested to know what other users of this app thoughts on this? I guess I do not see how this would be used. I create forms for specific purposes so I don't see why one would need prefix or tag support for a form. I would much rather see a way to export the results of a form to say an Excel spreadsheet format. This would allow use of this great tool for survey like forms that results can be talled from.
  5. Yes, it seems to work fine in Downloads - Categories.
  6. Not a big bug but... When you try and use "Copy Setting Value" under Tags in Category - Submissions -- Allow tags (or Allow prefixes) it does not copy the setting. All the other Submissions "Copy Setting Values" appear to work fine.
  7. Thanks apparently in this case it is "Read" not "View".
  8. Hmm... I have Sharing turned on for all of tutorials but I do not see any share buttons. Sharing works fine in Forums and other apps (i.e. Links Directory).
  9. I have no problem buying this app again. Adriano does quality work and supports his products.
  10. Thanks I understand core means IPS... I was just looking for some insight.
  11. Hmm... I thought Michael's original build (of Tutorials) was based on Forums since it acted just they did. But perhaps I am wrong. Any chance this core change will happen?
  12. Yes, I think so. But that is not how it appears to be working. I reorganized my forums to be nested then I did the same with tutorials but the sub-categories don't show -- here are some screen shots... I have checked permissions and they all look fine. Main Tutorial page Click on first category (911) ACP layout (looks the same as forums which do work) Thanks.
  13. Now that IPS 4 supports nested categories for forums it would be great to have the same capability for Tutorials. For large forums/tutorials sites it saves a lot of space on the page and makes navigation easier. Please let us know if you think that is a possibility in the near future. THANKS!
  14. Yes, please. That would be consistent with Forums and Pages.
  15. I have done limited testing but so far all looks good. Thank you!