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  1. Hi there, thank you very much that has fixed it, thank you for very fast response too :)
  2. Hi there, thanks for your reply. Yep I got it on 1.2.3 as well so I upgraded to 1.2.4 to see if it solved it but it till happens. I've tried it on a different PC with chrome too and once you enter the SSL secured parts of my site chrome gives that warning and the console says it ran insecure content from
  3. Hello there, really great mod.. just having one issue: Chrome is giving a big red insecure content warning in the secure areas of my site and this is the reason: ran insecure content from I'm running 1.2.4, is there a fix I can perform to patch this? Thanks in advance.
  4. [edit] Nvm I found the setting :smile::) Great addon.