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  1. I appreciate the information. I am testing it out now and plan to purchase in the next few days.
  2. When you purchase the forum board license do you have to renew it each year? How has the tech support been thus far with trouble shooting or assistance?
  3. Thanks everyone. I found it.
  4. I am in the 5 day testing mode and in the process of purchasing the latest version of IP forum and have a couple questions. 1) Is it possible to turn off the forum while coding or updating from the ACP? 2) Is there anyone out there that does custom skins and layouts that are reasonable in cost or free? SitHummer
  5. I truly appreciate the fast response and it being very informative. This is an option that we will use but a further question to add Is how do you stop users from posting their signature in their postings if they haven't paid? Would the group more or less be a paid group that gives them added features to use on the forum. We are trying to keep advertising down unless it is paid. And is the IP. Nexus a Add On Mod feature? As mentioned we really appreciate your feedback. By chance could we take a look at your forum? Thank you, c64junkie
  6. Using Invision is there an application that would allow you to charge for signature posting and also a banner advertisement rotation program that could charge the customer paying through paypal.com ? We are planing on using Invision board but we need functions to allow us to charge fees for certain access and privileges. Regards, c64junkie