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  1. (itzknotty) Facebook widgets

    No message
  2. (itzknotty) Facebook widgets

    I have installed the first verison of the app and can get twitter to work with your directions. Thank you. However, I am stuck at this with the facebook functionality, I cannot get it to render the posts. What did you do? Thanks, Brad Located Page ID and it is working now!! Thanks.
  3. Member Map

    Everything seems fine for me....thanks again. Do you have a place for donations?
  4. Member Map

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I am still not seeing markers, I also cleared cache. Any other thoughts? I uploaded 3.1.8 and all appears well again. Thanks for the app and the attention to the help needed.
  5. Member Map

    I have same problems with member flags not showing. I reset permissions...not sure if I did it the way others did and got results, I still have no flags. Is there a documented way to fix/troubleshoot, or more detail from those that have been successful? Thank you.
  6. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    What is the proper way to update to newest version?