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  1. Sorry if I bother you but how long do I need to wait to get an answer? :)
  2. ok thanks, I opened an ticket
  3. Hello guys, I am currently trying to renew my license, but it's harder than I thought it would be :D. Last time I renewed the license I remember that I saw a big button where I could renew the license but this time, there isn't one and after clicking around in the control panel I found something but get the error "[#20X72] Could not load the purchase you are trying to edit." What does that mean? Or could someone explain how to renew the license? Thanks Niklas
  4. I have not read the whole thread, also I am by far no self called SEO-Expert. I have a basic understanding but never would call me good at SEO or something. But I see that IPB has huge problems with SEO, and that kinda sucks. I just want to ask, why don't you use the same links as XenForo, I mean XF has by far the best SEO of all Forum Systems out there. Links for Forum: Link for Threads: So for IPB it could be: And than for the Sites. Why don't you use that method?
  5. I am kinda confused to be honest. I like the whole thing and it's pretty cool that everything is under one hut, but I didn't get the payment thing right. So I bought my IPB (Only Forums, nothing else) License last year, renewed it already after it expired for the next 6months, so my question is now: What do I need to pay when 4.0 is released? Sorry for my bad English and thanks for any answer!