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  1. Ok, thank you for information. Is it possible to protect your hook against cheaters refreshing page every single minute for whole weeks?
  2. Hello, I have two questions about that hook. 1. In which sql table do you save user's time online? 2. Is there any possibility to update that modification and add one new function? Because on my forum there is one user which stays online 24hours/day. I suppose that he is using plugin for Firefox and refreshes page every single minute just to be on the first place of total time spent on forums rank. Always when i check his last activity script shows "Searching...". I know a few similar cases on other forums. So maybe there is a chance to use cookies or save time of visit in database connected with checking of flood value? Any protection against cheaters would be very helpful. Thank you for any help, Best regards, Sony Ericsson World Team
  3. I've uninstalled that application, downloaded again and uploaded and now works fine :) Thanks for help :)
  4. That's interesting, setting's panel does not work, also when i click on shoutbox card, nothing happens. I have no idea what to do :(
  5. When i try to write anything on shoutbox, i get error like that: for one second, then i see white screen and page trying to refresh. After a few minutes application is automatically turned off in acp and i get error that an error has occured and application is turned off.
  6. Hello, I've just installed Shoutbox 1.2.0 on my IP.Board 3.2.0 forum and i get error like this: What should i do in that situation? Uninstall, reupload application files and reinstall does not help. I get also warning information for 2 enabled hooks of that application in ACP