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  1. Hey.. I really need some support for this skin.
  2. Your software seemed to have stopped working when I upgraded to 2.1.5, and editing the hook that came with it didn't seem to work, so I explored a bit and found that there's a seperate setting for it in Other Apps. May I ask why this is?
  3. Nothing? I could really use some help.
  4. I have an issue with the skin. As of 3.4 the skin is no longer respecting forum layout and when quoting a user the user's name and date does not appear in the bubble. Also, the skin is not upgraded for the latest version of the gallery. Equally also, Bold no longer works.
  5. Are you going to update this? It's still got many bugs..
  6. If it ever comes to 3.2... I had a friend look at the hook, but it's 700 lines of code. Modding it for 3.2 would be hard apparently.
  7. Is there any chance you can add functionality to this so that i can restrict avatar sizes based on groups? Right now I only want Admins to have certain sized avatars, but because of this hook, anyone can have any size avatar they want.
  8. Adding a playlist displays it on the forum portal regardless if you have the setting turned off (can't even turn it off apparently?)
  9. The hook says it's not compatible with 3.2.2?
  10. I seem to have an issue. No matter what I can't enforce avatars to be cropped off at 150px high if they are uploaded from a URL. Is this a problem with the hook, or settings in my ACP?
  11. Any chance you could add a version that shows the user's title associated with the number of likes they have and maybe put "Likes" Above the box so people stop asking me "What is this?" (I.E "Well-Liked) Under the number?
  12. Nevermind. I fail. I was in the wrong place =P
  13. I installed the mod and uploaded the files, but the mod isn't visible in my ACP so I can't edit it. =/
  14. For some reason this hook does not work on my forums. (3.2.1). I do not see any text under the forums letting people know who the mods/admins are.
  15. Excellent mod. Any chance you could fix it so that you can adjust how much warning points are removed a day? I use a warning system from 1 to 100 and 1 a day is not nearly enough to meet my needs.