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  1. Mike would happen to have a custom blocks layout for portal? Not too many options in IPS on how layout blocks, other than column left or right and 1,2 or 3 columns. Ben
  2. Ok..I'll wait then or I'll update my server!
  3. The error was coming up when I was trying to import social groups. Will it happen again with full version? If so, how can I work around in my admin panel with the error coming up.
  4. So how can I work around my admin panel, will that error go away if I install and/or after it completes import?
  5. Yeah..I'm running on 5.3. So on the full version, I shouldn't see any problems importing? Thanks for the update.
  6. Kevin, Trying the demo out on 4.0 before I purchase. I had groups before on 3.4, but was wondering when trying to import that it keeps stating its migrating and I get an error elese where in Admin. Could it be because the limit of auth groups allowed in demo mode? I also changed th limit in php to 5000. I then have to go to my CP and delete the module to regain control of my IPS admin panel. Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/themotorpool/domains/ on line 202 Ben
  7. Anyone?
  8. Hello, I had posted on theme design support with no response, if you all can delete that post at Perhaps it could be a product idea! ------ Considering it's current awesome functionality in IPS 4.0, Is there currently an option to drag and drop and/or build a desired column block widget layout? Or am I missing this option somewhere? If it is, this will definitely help out on how I want my page, portal layout. In wordpress, there's a plugin named Visual Composer that does this feature. If it's not, this would be a huge plus in IPS 4.0 to build templates, at least for me it would. Would save a lot of time trying to build a good visual template page layout, i.e. 3 columns varied by size etc.. Ben
  9. Mike, Whats the php code to use to pull a block? Imported old block from 3.4.8 into 4.0 and doesn't seem to be working. Ben
  10. Mike, I got it. You have to make sure portal is in default mode! Ben
  11. Mike, Miss my portal now using it on 4.0 localhost server. I've installed the latest portal app (upgrading), enabled blocks, but they don't show up while trying to add them to a page. Why is that? See attached. Ben
  12. Is there anyone already running this theme on IPS 4.0? Ben
  13. Ajouz, Is there anyway to allow the Smart Welcome Message to be shown to the Guest group as well? I'm wanting to show it to all groups. Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing? Thanks, Ben
  14. Ajouz, I'm trying to speed up my page load as it's currently rated 60 out of 100. I've installed recommended programs from google on my server for image compression, etc.. Is there anyway to speed up the slider CSS style scripts? I currently have 7 photos on my slider. According to google and on my site, these two files are taking 6.7 seconds to run. /smart34build1/slider/css/style.css 3.4 seconds /smart34build1/slider/kb-plugin/css/settings.css 3.3 seconds Any help is greatly appreciated. V/R, Ben
  15. I sort of like your site the colors seem to match well on the dark side. Well done! I'll mirror off of it.