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  1. I want to set up rss from blizzard company, here is link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/blizztracker/ Will I be able with this app to set up rss on my forum? With this app i just need to place this link and it will be done or?
  2. Ye Adriano help us, so nice mod but can not use it :(
  3. Any support Adriano?
  4. Any 1 knows, does it works with 3.3?
  5. I have uploded all what is inside folder upload
  6. HI! Every time i go to main page I see for 2 secound movement of the frame: Do you know how to fix it?
  7. thanks ^_^
  8. Same here. looking forward for new version, want to buy
  9. I have issue with that mod. Before i had other version. I uninstalled it and uploaded new files, but i can't see install button... What's wrong?
  10. T.T "Almost working" I can send message but i don't receive it on my email o.O What's wrong?
  11. Yes in Admin CP Play Alert on Own Shout? Yes No Btw. I just updated sb to 1.3.2 and sound doesn't work for me as well
  12. Author cares little bit or just takes money and go away? :/
  13. Hi When I turn off the sound from my shouts, i can't hear others shouts as well... Any idea what's wrong?
  14. This is not really healthy approach for our web site, if guest can not see the topic, google crawlers can not index it as well...
  15. impossible to buy this for me without seeing demo..