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  1. Just updated this. The skin is now free.
  2. File Name: Vulxa File Submitter: TheHappenen File Submitted: 10 Aug 2012 File Category: Light Skins This a simple, but yet effective skin. It's light, and professional looking. This is good for about any kind of forum, and is easy on the eyes. I will be helping, and supporting people with this skin. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or need support, use the support topic, or PM me. What is this skin compatible with? - IPB 3.3.x - IP.Calendar - IP.Nexus - IP.Blog - IP.Chat - IP.Downloads - IP.Content - Jawards - Many More Applications, and hooks. What is included in the file download?2 xml files (Needed For Install License & Instructions logo.psd These are some of the nice features: Small logo, and slogan below: Another navigation on the top. Simple, and nice: Tons of customized pages, and content: Click here to download this file
  3. What exactly are you trying to get done? I'm a Skinner.
  4. Great application. I went ahead, and edited the template bit, and now have it looking perfect on the awards page, as well as the profile tab.
  5. Finished a skin, and it will be up ASAP. If you need any kind of support, or customizations, PM me.

  6. NVM, I have it too...
  7. It's only access for the test forum.
  8. You can edit the design, and layout by using the template and css files for nexus.
  9. File Name: Intensity File Submitter: TheHappenen File Submitted: 23 Dec 2011 File Updated: 24 Dec 2011 File Category: Professional Skins This skin is cross-browser compatible. The Skin Intensity made by This skin has many customized features, and is a mind blowing skin. This skin is packed with many different things and has hundreds of edits. This skin is also compatible with the IPB applications. It is universal with almost all applications as the skin uses the same code for most applications. Some of the customized features: Customized Login: Simple, But Effective Additions: Great Modern, and nice looking designs: Click here to download this file
  10. I want those footer images ect, removed from the skin if your going to sell it. You have taken my code from the footer and put it into your site:
  11. It should be showing v1.1.1 try refreshing your page.
  12. I have uploaded a new file, and it includes everything. Some bugs ect, are also fixed. Go ahead and re-download it and it will be fixed. Enjoy!
  13. No problem, and if you need anything else we are always here. You have a great holiday as well ;)
  14. You need to make sure you install the application after the files are uploaded. Which is in your ACP > Manage Applications & Modules. On the right, after you upload your files you will see a button that says install with the application your trying to use. After that it will be put into your applications tab up top in your ACP and you can edit all the settings there.