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  1. Can you upgrade your mod to accept payments from other members and then member could get an icon near his name? example:
  2. Zuckeberg fan made a thread again. Facebook will destroy forums which are about general topis, but niche forums will survive and even grow faster than ever.
  3. any updates?
  4. Thanx for updates!
  5. The most collosal forum software today.
  6. Installed mod. Ipb 3.2.3 Turn on, nothing happens. Everything is uploaded correctly and the hook is ON. Where could be the problem? Tried with 3 browsers ,cleaned cookies - same. EDIT: it seems, that it works with default skin, but not with skinbox.net skin ELEGANT...
  7. Problem is that i cannot even remove refresh bar(Disable the refresh image? - YES). Refreshed theme and browser.
  8. thanx Another question, i have 20+ messages and they do not get paged? Everything is in one page, is it possible to add pages to shout box? Or there will be 500+ messages on one shoutbox page? (not talking about archives) edit: refresh icon is not gone, did hard reset.
  9. I have a problem with chrome, when you submit shout, a loading bar appears in ipb, but it DOES NOT DISAPPEAR!
  10. Great mod!
  11. Why i can add poll only when i have a topic with poll? I want to create a custom poll with no topic in sidebar.
  12. New version release date? and is it porrible to have a link like this: mywebsite.com/classifieds1/ to open classifieds page?