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  1. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    any screenshots ?
  2. (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    Just awesome, this plugin help us to show ads inside posts and its more efficient then classic header banners. Support is just perfect, in less then a hour a new version was released with a feature i requested !!
  3. Exact ! only first post should be visible. Agree !
  4. Can you add another option to hide replies from guests too ?
  5. Newsletters

    Perhapse in next releases ?
  6. Newsletters

    Hello, is it possible to filter members by last activity/login ? we would like to send newsletters to recent members and connected in last month.
  7. Hi, 1. Can you please add a ratio (%) for members content and reputation (likes, points) ? members with bigger ratio are the most active and relevant for communities. For example for groups promotion it should be considered, number of content is not always the best, we can find members with 1000 posts but 0 quality. 2. In member search, can you please add a reputation number filter ? actually there is content total only. we need to know which members have bigger reputation in our communities,
  8. (SL) Force users to change email

    Looks awesome, how its working your app ? can you explain more please ?
  9. Bulk PM

    awesome, thank you !
  10. Bulk PM

    Hi, can you add the {membername} variable to customize PMs as in bulk emailing ?
  11. Member's Country

    Hello, we have a big issue with this release, every guest is redirected to the registration page to complete its profile, its impossible to login or register as before, we disabled the plugin to get our website working as before. can you restore the pervious configuration ?
  12. Thank you i understand
  13. hello, whats the service used by ips to send notifications ? onesignal ?
  14. Hello, For wordpress, joomla and other CMS many extensions and plugins imports profiles informations from connected social netwrks like linkedin or facebook, dont know why IPB "4" import only email and name, on the other hand we have custom fields, why we cant map profiles information with custom field !? here's a screenshot from a joomla extension called jfbconnect :