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  1. How do you change to Gbp i have got your ipb £3.4 and always had a issue with figuring out the $to £ i will definitely be upgrading to this once updated my Ipb BOARD
  2. I love it but is there a way we can get it like mybb ones and let us pick which categories we want as tabs at all
  3. Hi there i seem to being having a promblem getting this to work it gives a white blank page please help
  4. Soc

    How can i get rid of the welcome back please at the top of the forums
  5. If you would like to come to my forum and go into my acp you will this will not work for me
  6. I cant seem to get it to work i dont know why i have had my friend look at it a swell.I want to hide my forums so i can have them in my navigation bar as tabs with the url being known.But this modification refuses to hide any of my forums.
  7. It does not work on IP.Board 3.3.2.You select the forums but they still all show up
  8. None of them work oh well i will have to request someone making a hook for me
  9. We are going through the hooks at the moment as we have tried two of them and they dont work but yes that is what i am looking for hide certain forums from both Board Index & Forum View leaving them still accessible with a direct url.
  10. According to support what i want has not been done since ipb 2.It was you know when you go into your acp and make a catergory and then add a forum in the permission you can set whether guests can view the forum,Whether they can posts etc.There used to be able to hide the forum from all members unless a url to the forum was known but according to support this is not happening no more so i brought the mod hoping it was like mybb where you could have different forums in the tabs and take of the load on the main forum example see how they have divided there forum up by different tabs http://hackforums.net/ That what i wanted like here is the pro menu url where i have my gaming topics http://chattersite.com/forum/forum/24-gamers-lounge/ But if you go to http://chattersite.com/forum You will see i have the same forum in my main forum view aswell
  11. You know on your forums you have categories and sub forums,Well i would like to be able to turn off my categories and sub forums on forum index and put them in the pro menu which i have done but i need to hide the original forums on the main forum index page
  12. How do i hide all forums on forum home when i have added them to the menu at the top please
  13. I cant get the flash to work i just brought this theme its really lovely
  14. All i am getting is video is to small to play can someone please help thank you