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  1. Bumping this up a bit because its something im intrigued with. But what is the benefit of signing in through steam? Im trying to figure out what really that means in terms of what that gives people. Im newer to running a board, not being on one...and this sounds like a cool mod, but im not sure i understand what logging in through steam will do. Could someone explain?
  2. What its doing is making them either too small with the black borders, or its making them stretched and not fit in the box. The upload image function is turned on. This was perfect for us before i did a 3.3 upgrade, any ideas?
  3. OnlyME, did you check that out? The images are just seeming like they arent fitting in the box, though they did prior to 3.3
  4. Sorry Only, i shoulda done that before heh. The forum is at www.gogamingcommunity.com
  5. Our slider has been fine, although since 3.3 upgrade i just did...the photos are looking stretched, any solutions?