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  1. ok sorted - recached everything in IPB cleared out all history in browser - fixed. yes im stupid hah
  2. Hello Iv added this to a brand new board(3.4.6), but Sidebars wont appear on my site. Iv confirmed the plugin and application are enabled Only thing different is im using a custom skin. - do i need to make skin mods for this to work? the skin was set before installing the mod pls see config below, any advice would be appreciated
  3. Hi Mike Firstly, this is an awesome mod that everyone should have on their site. excellent way to engage them on account creation I have a similar issue to the above but more related to HTML links not coming up when the email copy of the PM notification is sent out to new users In my example, i have configured it to send a Personal Message after they create an account only and not a welcome notification Phe Personal message has a couple of HTML links in the message, when the user gets the PM in their IPB message box the HTML links appear correctly and when you click them they go to the right spot. The copy/notification of that PM that goes to the users email address does not contain the HTML Links. Is that configured in your mod or is that an IPB setting?
  4. Any plans for these social links be placed into a sideblock? or just in certain positions of the forum proper
  5. is there a way you can make this form allow a user to attach a file when making the form?
  6. I think this has to be one of the best ever skins for IPB. clean, neat, lots of development and more important flexibility to customise easily Congrats to the designers here, keep up the work. Im sure many IPB backends will be wearing this skin
  7. Sorry i just have one last question I have set up 2 sideblocks - 1 for the Forum Index, and - 1 Global Sideblock(shows on all pages except for Forum Index) On the Forum Index Side Bar, you can collapse / close each of the advertising blocks On the Global Sidebar you cannot collapse or close the advertising blocks Id to configure it so that the users cannot close the blocks in any of the sidebars... where can i configure this?!
  8. Hello Hopefully a simple question Id like to display or parse Upcoming calendar events + Recently created topics or posts in 2 different sideblocks.. Can you please guide me in the right direction I have tried to use the statement {parse block="recent_topics"} PHP=yes Raw=yes But nothing displays in the box.. if i set the php to no it just shows the "{parse block="recent_topics"}" as text Any help would be appreciated
  9. Can you make it parse into other sideblocks or onto portal pages??. . it would be awesome if you could provide some info on getting that to happen
  10. "Show me example code from one of these wrong formatted blocks/adverts." all my advertising blocks started with <p></p> then the rest of the code was under that - remove the <p></p> and it was fixed... simple, but not for a noob like me lol
  11. Hi Please ignore this post - the root cause was the person sitting on my keyboard. The code i used in the sideblocks was changed and now the empty line does not appear :)
  12. Hello Dawid Firstly thank you for producing such an excellent mod - I purchased this earlier today to put on my site(not live yet) and after a short period of time I have it configured how i want it For info, it works on a custom skin, and also works fine with the mobile skin I just have 1 minor issue i would like some assistance with - In my global sidebar, it seems to add a break or extra line before the content of each block. id like to remove it if possible. If you can point me in the right direction to fix it would be appreciated PS - screen attached, url is here for a live view
  13. Brilliant hook, easy to use, easy integration - a must for all forums imo keep up the excellent work
  14. Id just like to say thankyou to the developer of this - purchased, installed, zero issues - just what we all want thanks again and keep up the excellent work
  15. Hello Im using 3.3.2 and would like to use the mod. Downloaded, ftp'ed the folder/files Install went thru with no errors, the app appears in the app menu of the Admin console but when i click on Manage pages I get In Chrome The website encountered an error while retrieving http://actgymscene.c...n=pages&do=view. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. In Firefox i just get a blank page iv recached apps, and tried clearing out browser cache just i case but still no luck is it because im using an older version of IPB? any advice would be appreciated