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  1. All the subdomains will have a seperate IPB installation but the data base will be bridged togather.
  2. WOuld i need to buy a seperate license for everysite i have on my domain? so such as and i have my license on would i need to buy a separate license for each sub domain? i would be connecting it into one single database if that makes any sense?
  3. Yes just buy the package and give IPS your old cpanel info and they will migrate and move it for you. They are really good and well worth the money. just open a support ticket requesting this. They will be more then happy for you to become a retail version then a nulled.
  4. From reading just the first 5 replies. Well why not hire some staff for just the support forums? They will work free of charge and will help out and answer every topic they can.
  5. File Name: Gaming Skin File Submitter: File Submitted: 07 May 2013 File Category: Light Skins Please read the read me file This is our custom skin but since some of our members want a different type of skin so we are selling this. This skin was very good and we loved it but it is now time to move on. if you do not have 15$ please aim me at m.onitorize or email me at We can maybe work something out. Also our v1 skin may come out for sale depending how many sales our v2 gets. Click here to download this file