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  1. That issue is now fixed, the problem was related to his web browser
  2. Has anybody reported an issue with Internet Explorer? I have one member who is apparently clicking the accept box but the bar doesn't disappear, he is using IE and thought this 'might' be the problem...
  3. Fixed, many thanks and much appreciated :thumbsup:
  4. Doing the Database checker :) I will give the above a try and let you know...
  5. Since updating this mod to an application I receive the following database errors. When I used to use the hook with the SFS key it worked fine: ALTER TABLE ibf_sfs_blocked ADD ) Query failed ALTER TABLE ibf_sfs_whitelist ADD wlID mediumint(8) NOT NULL auto_increment, ADD PRIMARY KEY( wlID); Query failed ALTER TABLE ibf_sfs_whitelist ADD ) Query failed
  6. Yep, agreed, v3.3.1 has speeded up my forum considerably, well done to the IPS Team :smile:
  7. Must admit that was a nice feature, only just noticed it was missing on v3.3.1
  8. Cancel my last please, managed to fix it :)
  9. Mike, just updated to the latest version of Shoutbox and when I place a shout in the box and press the shout button nothing happens apart from the green time-out drop down at the top of the website, it is no longer possible to make fresh shouts. I have recached skins and master templates but this hasn't resolved the issue. I am running IPB v3.2.x For the time being I have taken the Shoutbox offline, pending support.
  10. Congrats IPS :)
  11. My host threatens to suspend an account if they send over 500 emails in any one hour, I also read they do not take kindly to sending mails in one hit, all at the same time, burns up server resource so I am told but best check with your individual host policy.
  12. How do you change the HTML template to a header, more forum specific to your individual forum please?