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  1. Thats much better, thanks for the fast response :)
  2. Just purchased, however ive noticed the badge appears over the Ip address and check bock of the post :S EDIT: see here for example http://gamers-revolution.co.uk/forum/topic/1180-the-vault-shuttle-event/
  3. Is there a version for 3.3.0 yet?
  4. Ahh yes, i added an article image to an article, and it just shows the image now, but makes it huge xD
  5. Just bought it :smile: very impressed, cant seem to get the Hottest articles block to work though :S its just blank. See HERE at the bottom of the page
  6. ahh well, i didnt see that xD, at least this way i dont risk damaging the original language pack
  7. Hey Adriano, just thought i would say that this is a great mod, i have it running on my site and have only run into one problem, which i will get to in a sec. I have actually edited it slightly and made it into an application form (removed the message box, rearranged the order of the default forms slightly). Im trying to change the description, i am in the Manage Language section, and i input a new value into desc and click GO. However it seems to pull up the following error: System Error Can not translate protected language pack Any ideas? Keep up the good work, this will be very useful for me. EDIT: nevermind, the word PROTECTED should have made the issue pretty obvious to me, im assuming you cant edit the original language pack so i have made a copy of it, will edit that one and set it as default.
  8. Ahhh yes, i changed it to sort by start date, soo simple, thanks :)
  9. is this supposed to move a topic to the top of the list whenever someone makes a reply?
  10. you could create a block in IP Content that shows the latest article, for example on my website i created a block that showed the latest blog post, then add the tags to the portals template, should work that way
  11. see my above post.
  12. did you delete the portal folder from admin/applications_addon/ips/ EDIT: actually nevermind, if you hadn't done that part it wouldnt even let you isntall it
  13. That solved the problem, thanks for the help :)
  14. hey sorry for the delay, in that folder theres calender.php and calender-cfg.php
  15. Hey, i sorted it, was pasting the error log to here and noticed all the things it was talkin about is the callender, becuase i had a miniview of the calender from the ips portal, removed the block from the layout and it works fine now Thanks for the help EDIT: I think that may be a bug actually unless ive not go tthe calender set up on my side, because i just realised this version also has a calender block.