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  1. I assume you mean this in your ACP System Settings > Advanced > Date, Time and Number Formats > Native Server Time
  2. It's not built in but this works well
  3. As mentioned in the other topic, the site is under a DDOS currently and it's being mitigated.
  4. Didn't notice any issues, will have to double check though.
  5. Works on my test board so should be fine.
  6. If I made the changes mentioned in this guide post to this would it work in 3.4. I did try quickly but ended up with a blank page
  7. ACP - Tools & Settings - Question & Answer Challengs There's a button at the top that says Add New Question, click on that and add your new question.
  8. Clicking the tweet button at the bottom of this post opens up twitter in a new browser tab. I can enter any hashtags there if I want to.
  9. In the Twitter connect settings theres a Twitter Default Hashtag option, I assume what you enter there will be added to any tweets. ACP - System Settings - System - Social Media & Sharing.
  10. Neowin have something like this already. You can mark any forum as a favourite, once marked it will appear in a Favourite's category at the top of the board. Any board within that category can also be moved up & down.
  11. It works perfectly for me.
  12. [quote name="Ocean West" time="1353445860"]so keyCaptcha is a paid Service? During sign up and implementation was no mention about fees or pricing. and the hook doesn't work with beta 5
  13. Ok, thanks.
  14. In that case it's working perfectly then. I would like to move it to just before or after the username. Can that be done?
  15. Topic I'm testing with created after hook installed, test me in top left corner List of hooks with hook enabled Also disabled all hooks apart from yours in test topic to see if it was conflicting, as you can see it's not.