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  1. This is a nice start! I would actually be buying this theme is the Material Design implementation would be correct and complete. There is too much still missing. Keep up the good work!
  2. Hello Ryan, We are now on 3.4.8 and use your Advanced Tags & Prefixes v2.1.4 and are planning an upgrade to What is the correct procedure to update and keep all tags and prefixes? Regards, Michel
  3. Thanks. It won't be a solution for me, since I am still on 3.4.8, but I appreciate your efforts anyway and I'm sure others do so as well.
  4. No, the requirement for (Dutch) law is that the cookie may not be set until explicit content has been given. The same goes for facebook, twitter etc. My website is targeting Dutch visitors, so I am in clear violation of Dutch (and partly European) law. On this page of my site the following cookies are written: https://www.sat4all.com/forums/topic/347763-is-putin-nog-toerekeningsvatbaar/ DoubleClickFacebook ConnectGoogle AdsenseGoogle AnalyticsGoogle+ PlatformGravatar As far as I know the top 5 are tracking cookies and should not be written without explicit consent of the (Dutch) visitor. Analytics and Adsense have been configured by me using the IPS functionality (Ad Code Integration and Search Engine Optimization), Facebook connect is due to the functionality within IP board (Social Media and Sharing) which I can not prevent without switching it off entirely. That Is why I think it is IPS responsibility, or call it moral duty to at least help solve this problem.
  5. Great! If it could do adsense as well, we would be getting somewhere
  6. Thanks. I looked for this (almost) everywhere
  7. I really, really, really would like to be able to legally run a test copy of my forums on a non-public accessible location to test upgrades and such. Just yesterday I made a copy of my rather large database and wanted to run a test upgrade from 3.4 to 4.x and found out that is simply not possible. There is a number of problems I could run into while converting and trying this first on a copy of my community is really required! Please make this available for license holders!!
  8. On my rather large database the old one is no good eigther. Can't wait!
  9. If you can read, you can read the answer 2 posts above :(
  10. Thanks! That fixed it.
  11. I'm obviuosly not the only one having this problem. A google search finds serveral forums using Member Map and having the same problem...
  12. Hi, looked for the answer, but was unable to find it I have installed 2.0.0 beta 2 (upgraded from 1.09) and entered the bing API key, but the application shows: 'The specified credentials are invalid. You can sign up for a free developer account at http://www.bingmapsportal.com'. How to fix this? https://www.sat4all.com/forums/membermap/
  13. It's no secret. The quiz is here: http://www.sat4all.com/forums/quiz/1-strong-quiz/ There is many people who scored 70 or 80% and do not show on the leader-board. The highest score according to the leader-board is 35% ??
  14. This is starting to look like a $15 waste of time...