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  1. This is awesome. I have been waiting for this one for a long time now
  2. I am still not able to get this working. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the hook and i dont get to see the menus
  3. Is there a feature request forum or page, where I can post the request? Thanks
  4. Is there a way to set the publish date for a tutorial to a future date? Thanks
  5. Thank you very much. One more question... In my model, I do not want nexus to automatically renew the subscription at the end of subscription period. It only needs to notify the customer about the expiration a few days before it expires. When the customer comes back after his access expires, nexus has to identify if the customer has already purchased it and if yes then it will show him the renewal price to renew at that time. Customer should also be able to renew the access anytime - even before his current access expires. Is the above possible? Thanks in advance Regards, Niranjan
  6. Hello, 1. I am playing with the IPB.Nexus demo site and want to find out if the following is possible: - I have a product X which i sell in 2 different plans - A and B. - When a customer purchases Plan A (of base price $10), then he gets 1 month of access to downloads and support for product X. Customer must renew his access at $5 per month to continue getting the access after the first month, but this is not an automatic renewal. He can renew if he wishes to anytime. When the duration expires, he will be denied access to downloads. - When a customer purchases Plan B (of base price $50), then he gets permanent access to downloads and support for product X. Is it possible configure the above kind of model in IPB.Nexus? If not, any alternate suggestions to achieve this? 2. Does IPB.Nexus provide integration with 2CO and Plimus for payment processors in addition to Paypal? Thanks Niranjan