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  1. ​ ​Yes +1
  2. Yes saw it in the directory that you say but hard to find or file on the ftp for the translation is done in French .? In that directory I could find work made ​​for French translation?
  3. I have trouble with English. I put my forum in French here is a screenshot to better understand And when I switch mode IN_DEV forum and administration back in English? And I asked you if there is a solution for the IN_DEV mode remains in my French language? Thank you to lean on my request. :thumbsup:
  4. when I switch mode IN_DEV I did more French ca passes directly in English was there a solution? for the French fashion IN_DEV
  5. Hi All are in the title when released IP.Content 4.0.x ? , For I see that all applications are out and not IP.Content. See you on the forum.
  6. I would do the same things on the IP.Content code would it be possible to do the following links that you had done for me I tried this way nothing will change my code I my concern <a href="{parse url="showuser={$r['starter_id']}" seotitle="{$r['seo_first_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}">{IPSText::truncate( strip_tags( IPSText::stripAttachTag( IPSText::getTextClass('bbcode')->stripAllTags( $r['starter_name'] ) ) ), 10 )}</a> <br /> {parse date="$r['start_date']" format="SHORT2"}, Vues : {$r['views']} <if test="$this->settings['slide_lastpost_info']"> <if test="$r['posts']"> <br /> <span title="last replied on {parse date="$r['last_post']" format="SHORT2"}">Dernière réponse par :</span> <a href="{parse url="showuser={$r['last_poster_id']}" seotitle="{$r['seo_last_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}">{IPSText::truncate( strip_tags( IPSText::stripAttachTag( IPSText::getTextClass('bbcode')->stripAllTags( $r['last_poster_name'] ) ) ), 10 )}</a> My no change? Thank you in advance
  7. Or I can find the tutorial to put the block on IP.Content
  8. Hello. I wonder when we will be entitled to a preview of IP.Content which is expected by everyone, is that the change will be really important or it will be a small change? I hope IP.Content will be taken with the utmost attention by what I think is the most beautiful and most powerful application of IPS
  9. You talk about it, it is really small compared to hand IPB3.x V4.x or soon to happen, it remains for me the best in the market in all the points already IP.Content design is much more modern, even if I 'admits he is making an effort in my vb5 not yet ankle IPB.3
  10. yes no soucis
  11. This is really not funny ^ ^.
  12. Or may have to download the software?
  13. I do not have that page as soon as it is normal?
  14. And we can not say for example a rough time before the holidays or year-end 2014 or early 2015. ?