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  1. Good evening, Do it would be possible to have in this model there! have a piece of text Is there any chance in this model of having an image to each item thank you in advance I noticed a bug when you want to add an item, the gauge changes and displays wholesale, here is a screenshot below to better understand the situation. Thank you in advance for your support. See you soon on the forum.
  2. Yes that's the first thing I did
  3. Hello It does not work on Chrome and Safari browser, it works on Firefox! I'll bear me screenshots to understand the situation ! For this option it would be really great that it is integrated into the application thank you in advance . See you soon on the forum.
  4. Hi Personally no change, same and I will say it is even less than the previous version And you have to look for what I had you ask?
  5. It is not possible?
  6. Good evening, I tried to achieve what I will present below a screenshot, I also looked in your subject but I have not found the solution! I wish I had images in two columns! while keeping the scrolling effect and options in the administration panel! I put a screenshot to understand what I want done thank you in advance for your help. See you soon on the forum.
  7. Hi I look but I did not find as to the non- author of the pictures, in place of the title of the photos?See screenshot <img src='{$row['image']}' style="height:{$height}; width:100%;" title="{$row['title']}"> I tested with this but it does not work ? title="{member="name"}" édit: <img src='{$row['image']}' style="height:{$height}; width:100%;" title="{$row['title']}{{if $row['poster']}} - {$row['poster']}{{endif}}">
  8. Hi You plan to do the same for version 4.1 ?
  9. I would keep the jQuery effect that changes every X seconds with a subject, I wish I could do it in five subjects at once ! For example configure the last 20 subject and jQuery effect would change 4 times with a total of 5 subjects! Clearly instead to change subject by subject , I would like that to change by 5 subjects Is it possible? Sorry for my english i do my best
  10. Hello Thank you I'd like to keep the effect jQuery but posted the last 5 topics , Instead of a subject that be possible ? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello UP Svp
  12. Hello I just noticed it was a bug with the Safari browser and Google Chrome. Here is a small screenshot to understand