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  1. About using Custom Skins

    I use a skin developer that provides regular updates based on having a live subscription, not too disimilar to the way a subscription allows access to IPS updates. I use the skins from @ehren., who operates in such a way over at https://www.ipsfocus.com/, and l've never had issues maintaining updates to skins.
  2. Pages for Home Page Portal?

    I use Pages for this purpose, here: http://revolucion.co.uk/ I have very basic coding capabilities so most of this is achieved through the drag and drop interface. I only use custom code for a few of the blocks.
  3. Should i use 3.4x or IPS4x

    I suffer no speed issues on mine, but it's not a particularly high traffic site.
  4. Should i use 3.4x or IPS4x

    Once IPS 3.4.X goes EOL you will be forced to upgrade to IPS4 in order to remain supported with security updates. If you have no real pull towards 3.4 I would just go with 4. You will be saving yourself a world of pain later down the road.
  5. Should i use 3.4x or IPS4x

    At this late stage I can't see any reason to start on 3.4.X. if you're already on it, happy with it, and able to support it yourself, it probably makes sense, but otherwise go with the latest.
  6. Version 4.2

    Too late.
  7. Security patches for older versions.

    I'm sorry, but security should be your #1 priority.
  8. Security patches for older versions.

    I'm pretty sure IPS have indicated they don't want to see instructions on the forum for removing those notices. Removing them is also, IMO, quite irresponsible. If you are going to host a community and store people's data then you should find a way to renew the licence so you can apply security patches. (e.g. donations from members) Not doing so is just unacceptable in today's world of data breaches and thefts.
  9. shoutbox for ips 4?

    Chatbox by @onlyME is just brilliant. It's simple for me, simple for users, and it just works. Support is also superb. What did happen to Shoutbox? Did Pete throw in the towel?
  10. Long term future of the self-hosted option

    I think a big problem is the learning that people must do before they are proficient at self hosting. Too many people, as Lindy says, think they can get away with substandard hosting, because they don't know it's substandard hosting. Cheap hosts, offering cheap value hosting, don't tend to care about their clients needs. They're catering for the ignorant in most cases. There are some good shared hosts though, I've been through a few and several supported IPS quite well. I can't link to them, but they do exist. If interested, PM me for details. There are also some good VPS hosts out there. I found a cracking deal for a managed VPS @ £24 per month for a VPS with 1GB RAM. They maintain the server, perform the security and software updates, provide the admin panel, etc., for a bargain price IMO. Backups are costed extra, but that's not a surprise. They have, again, hosted my forums without issue. My astronomy forum is currently hosted with them and, whilst it's not the fastest I've ever seen, I've been very happy with it for the cost. I now self host one forum on an unmanaged VPS. I decided to learn to do this, firstly to see if I could do so, so a personal challenge, and, secondly, to see if I could save money, and I've thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I started with shared hosting though, so I have a good idea about the differences between a software issue and a hosting issue. I tend not to raise support tickets now unless I've exhausted every other option. The last few issues I've had, that I can remember, were all hosting related. The software has just worked. I currently host using NGINX and MariaDB and use Memcached for caching. It's a lot faster than my astronomy forum, but also a lot more work. Hopefully, and I think this is the case, it hasn't translated into more work for IPS. Long live self-hosted licences!
  11. How would they be able to develop for IPS if they don't have a licence for IPS? I'm quite simple, perhaps I am missing something.
  12. 7 ways to secure your community

    I had to re-enable popen for the last update I did. It errored out otherwise.
  13. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    In the four years of using IPS I don't think I've encountered a show-stopping bug more than once. It's not just the software at play here, it's the very foundations on which you run your website. I have been through some atrocious hosts, struggled with upgrades, etc., and alleviated the issues by moving. What looked like a serious bug on one host, did not manifest itself on another. I've recently moved to a self-managed VPS. I have yet to encounter any issues because I can tailor the VPS to my needs. I know exactly what's running, and the IPS Suite purrs like a kitten on it. I don't think IPS lacks testing. From my knowledge, the releases go through significant live testing prior to being released to the masses, both here on the IPS forums and elsewhere. If you're really risk averse you could hold on updates unless they contain a security fix, but I really would not recommend procrastinating on installing the updates that contain security fixes. That's just downright irresponsible. Overall I think the IPS team do a sterling job. I don't always agree with their decisions, nor do I stay silent when I disagree, but I understand them, I know the difference between a bug and a feature that seems counter-intuitive, and I raise tickets when something show-stopping happens. IPS support have never failed me yet. I will accept minor bugs because, well, that's software development.
  14. Option to reset all members' passwords

    I know, but I also know how to export emails from a database and use a third party mailer. If the IPS forum was compromised I would use a third party mailer. Again, I'm not criticising, I'm just showing alternatives and expressing an opinion that it's a feature that's unlikely to get used much, if at all, by most admins.
  15. Option to reset all members' passwords

    I'm not going to die if my forum gets hacked. It's a bit of a silly comparison. I also did not criticise your idea, I simply stated it's one of those things that's never likely to get used. I haven't had a forum hacked once and I've hosted forums for a long time. What you've asked for can be achieved through the use of a mass mail (e.g. Dear members, reset your passwords, ta!) and an SQL query.