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  1. Random Quotes - IP.Board 4.x

    Working 100% on my custom skinned setup.
  2. It's been 2 days and still...

    I turned off my VPN, went through slicker than snot. My question (Which I don't expect you to know), if one is running a vpn, how does a third party know, I thought that was the whole point of a vpn? Say I am traveling through CHina and want to access information deemed verboten, if the chinese authorities know I am using a vpn, doesn't that negate the benefits?
  3. It's been 2 days and still...

    Giving it another Go Lindy, trying without the VPN. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. My marketplace purchase (Actually a renewal) hasn't been approved. Do you guys do this for money or is it a hobby?
  5. What is IPS stand towards the travelban?

    LOL. Let's compile a list of companies that want to put politics before profit.
  6. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Your English translation is spotty at best.
  7. I am running whatever my host provides. (Happens to be 7.36.0)
  8. Haven't had a fix from ip.board for 3 versions now, so I will go with what works.
  9. This cleared up my youtube embed problems also. define('FORCE_CURL', TRUE);
  10. -RAW- has had complete access to my ACP and never has done anything other than exactly what he has said. 100% complete trust.
  11. I have given up trying to embed youtube, I can paste a hundred links and none of them show.
  12. Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    My people love it. Options are good to have.
  13. Running it on my site and it has no noticeable CPU hit at all.
  14. Learning To Code. IPB?

    I love me my Lynda account. It has been a real time saver.
  15. I just renewed, so any time now.