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  1. Your English translation is spotty at best.
  2. I am running whatever my host provides. (Happens to be 7.36.0)
  3. Haven't had a fix from ip.board for 3 versions now, so I will go with what works.
  4. This cleared up my youtube embed problems also. define('FORCE_CURL', TRUE);
  5. -RAW- has had complete access to my ACP and never has done anything other than exactly what he has said. 100% complete trust.
  6. I have given up trying to embed youtube, I can paste a hundred links and none of them show.
  7. My people love it. Options are good to have.
  8. Running it on my site and it has no noticeable CPU hit at all.
  9. I love me my Lynda account. It has been a real time saver.
  10. I just renewed, so any time now.
  11. It has got the smell of an imminent release.
  12. I am digging the new placement for the streams button.
  13. Has the editor fixes been included in .13?
  14. I agree, it is one of the most useful pieces of software for ip.board. Glad it worked out for you!
  15. I don't allow guests to post, so I can not say with 100% certainty, but I know I can change the post author *to* any member on my forum, from guest to someone registered ought to work.