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  1. Hello DawPi. Looks very promising. Kind regards.
  2. Does it work with 3.3.3 ? Someone tested ? ———————————————————— Edit: I took the risk and bought it. It's not working correctly. Jquery is already included on my board and No matter if I click "include jquery" or not, it doesn't change anything. The bug: no results are displayed, no matter what you type. " alt="9c8cfe86987707c3cf39a6f8ebfa6cb7.png">
  3. It would be nice if it was synchronized with the Calendar. Otherwise it looks interesting.
  4. If the auto-rewards on Image, Blog, Videos, Files, Reputation, Views, would be working… then it would be awesome.
  5. It would be nice if you could inclure an option to upload the images on the go.
  6. It looks interesting but I wonder what is the purpose of this application when Social Group already exist and have more features?
  7. A bit expensive. In my opinion you get more purchase for 2$.
  8. What I noticed a bit later, I apologize. No I am still using the v.4. Would it be possible for you to make it works also for v.4 ? You would for sure reach a good audience.
  9. Same here. It's not appearing.
  10. Hello Mr. Mikey. Have you got some news about the sub-categories? Best regards.
  11. I saw you have started working on the sub-cat. That's nice. Made a start on subcategories, they technically work right now, but there is no way to set a subcategory up from the frontend. But how can we set them up?
  12. Ok. I will wait for this and follow the file into the Market. If I can give you a suggestion, you should implement the sub-categories into drop-downs under the category bar. It should give a nice navigation.
  13. Hello Mr. Mikey. The fact you cannot create sub-categories is a huge problem for us. You have a limited width space in the front-end category bar and i have something like 8 categories for 40 sub-categories. This issue make me think I paid Tracdown for nothing and I will have to use IP.tracker. I want to know if you are going to fix this asap or if I have to remove the application and go for IP.tracker. Best regards.
  14. I remember there was a hook that does the same for banned members. I guess you can have lots of fun using it in a few rare situations. :)
  15. Hello Enkidu, Is this working with IPB 3.3.2 ?