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  1. Hello How to Install ? The file is corex34x_ipbplanetcom.ipb ? No XML ? EDIT: OK, rename the file "corex34x_ipbplanetcom.ipb" to "". :)
    Merci. Est-ce qu'il va y avoir le reste ? (Commerce, Pages)
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello, How generate an invoice with IPS 4 on a page outside IPS Commerce? Is that possible? Like IPS 3:
  4. Why the change of url increased from $15 to $20 ? From support : I pay $ 175 and renewal every six months but I can not use my license, my project falls into the water, I am obliged to disburse $20 for URL change, then my project does not work, I am forced to disburse $20 for URL change.... again and again... Specify clearly on your website the limits....