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  1. Thanks for your help. I am somehow get this in working with following code. {{if $home = \IPS\cms\Pages\Page::$currentPage->id == 10}} home {{else}} nothome {{endif}} Regards
  2. On this forum someone have also tried this out in this way : $location['app'] == 'cms' and $location['module'] == 'pages' and $location['controller'] == 'page' and \IPS\Request::i()->id == x}} where my page id is 10. But still no success. Please Help Thanks.
  3. {{if $isForumIndex = \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->directory === 'cms' && \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->module === 'pages' && \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->controller === 'page' && \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->view === 'home'}} HomePage {{else}} Not HomePage {{endif}} Basically i want the current page which is set to default page, In my case my default page name is home, so i have to first get the name and then check if its true. I have slightly modified your code, but not working for me. Kindly check if you could find any mistakes in it. Thanks. Regards
  4. Hello Everyone. In my globalTemplate i want to check either we are viewing the home page or not. In my scenario i have a slider block which i put in globalTemplate and i want to check if the page is home page then show the slider and if not then just print out ips_container. In IPB 3.4.x there is a option like $test = $this->registry->ccsFunctions->getPageName(), so it will return the page name with extension like index.html. So guys what options are available in new version, that will do this job. Thanks. Much Appreciated your Kind Help.
  5. Hi Mikey, Thanks for the email, as mentioned please find below the list of modifications i am looking forward to have . 1. Upload Image option per question 2. Have Combination of check boxes , radio buttons 3. Alignment of Answers text 3. Using PHP to generate a Bar chart image to the user to show him where he stands in terms of score with other participants who took the same quiz. Regards,
  6. Is there anyone out there who can help - may be I need to post this on the main market place site???
  7. Sorry it was free - i installed it but I can not get sagepay to work as information is not being fed through Iskander
  8. I need your help. I bought subscriptions manager and have tried to link it to the sagepay but it isnt working as sagepay are requesting user details to be feed through and for some reason that is not happening when you click on the subscriptions checkout - can you help please as we urgently need this.I contacted sagepay and they said it was mandatory for the information to populate from the forum site
  9. Last post on minute matters - how do I access the PMs you have sent - remember I am a newbee
  10. Hi Robert, do you do any freelance work and if so could you email me your rates etc. as I will have 2000 + people on my site and the forum/ group has to work well and as you have gathered I am no techno chap. Please let me know. The offer is open to others who understand how IP Board works also Iskander
  11. HI Robert How do I remove forums from the social groups as we dont need these. Also I have got banners and news to work, but some members can not see the add news link even though they have premission - can yuo help on this. Iskander
  12. Hi Robert On ACP _> systeM -> manage apps and mod _> it has you add on but for me it says version 1.0.0. Beta - it gives the option for an upgrade but when I click on it is asks for a log in which does not work - is this were we update - as I downloaded your beta versions and just transferred files direct via ftp
  13. Hi Robert Can you please send me a PM asap so i can sort out the server configuration issues. Many thanks Iskander BTW my email address is so it may be easier for you to email me direct Iskander
  14. Hi Robert Thanks for your points and visiting my site! I do not understand: You need to make sure that the permissions on the /upload/groups/ folder are set to 777. How do I do this. Also when I click on join a group nothing happens - can you let me know what should happen and if it is a setting problem If it is a private group does it affect adding news? Finally the code to add attachments to the news item - is that complicated as I would like to use it else where Many thanks Iskander
  15. Hi Robert I have checked the permission settings for both banners and news and I can not still add either. My forum is called we are due to go live this weekend and I really need both to work. Any chance you could look at this for me? I am not sure why both are not working - for news it seems a display issue as it says I am on the second page when I have no news! You could just quickly sign up and try setting up a group (there are two tab click on the first). Finally, I understand inviting people to a group may need to be done individually, however, what about messaging in a group so it goes to there emails - I really need this function - does the system do this. Hope you can help Iskander