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  1. I'm using IPB 4.1.7 Something is related to your app, when I moved everything to Amazon S3 there was no problems with any IPS option... and every reference to those images is still working on the live site. BUT when I try to change your app to S3 like I said and click "Save" I get a 500 error. Can it be related somehow?
  2. Maybe it has something to do with the changes stated in this article?
  3. I have an issue while using Amazon S3 buckets... If I try to change Storage Settings vía System->Files->Storage Settings and then changing from "File System: /home/myuser/public_html/uploads" to "Amazon S3: my.bucket" it gives an 500 error when saving... everything in my site is now in my bucket but this doesn´t. I tried this because "CMS Records" which I think has the pages images is on the bucket and your app doesn't seem to acknowledge the change. Correct URL to the image: http://my.bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/monthly_2016_01/image.jpg Incorrect URL to the image: http://mysite.com/uploads/monthly_2016_01/image.jpg I hope you can help me And if it's not possible right now, is there a quick edit so I can hardcode my bucket path instead of the regular path? Thanks!
  4. I've already found it, thank you! The only problem now I have with this is the Responsive theme with Haze, IP.Content images wont resize in browsers, and the menu appears "wrong" in internal browsers (like RSS and our app) but appears ok in Chrome, firefox, etc all for Android. I left the images in the Responsive support because I didnt know were to have them posted.
  5. A quick question... the Blogs look weird with the font colors because my blue background... how can I change them from gray to black? Published on, date, views and tags are all like gray... thanks in advance for your hard work! " alt="54d0.png">
  6. Hi, nice work! Will purchase this and responsive in a minute :) 1.- Is there a way for the hero panel to only show on the first page (in my case, IP.Content)... I think that as a welcome image works, but not shown everytime in every part of the webpage. 2.- Is it possible to use a small user photo besides the username in the header instead of the default "person" icon? It would be a nice looking adittion! 3.- A suggestion... I think Instagram would be a great adittion to photo feed... or even the gallery feed as other mentioned!!! Keep up the good work, and good luck!
  7. slider

    Is there a way to make the slider appear ONLY on certain pages? I want the Slider to appear only in my frontpage and paginations, but it appears when I create/edit an article and also in the articles themselves...
  8. slider

    I also support this! I dont use the upload image from IPB so I embed all the images from Imageshack (with the "img" tag) isnt it possible to pull the image from the embed???
  9. There should be some install instructions... I see the "Manage Poll" Button but the poll just wont show up! Is a database needed?
  10. I also have the PHP error like Dmacleo... BUT the templates for songs and video are not reversible.... Any suggestion?
  11. Does this work on Gallery 5?
  12. Another one in IPB 3.3.3 Member recount tool or job doesnt work... when i clic the tool it does nothing, and the member count wont go up
  13. 3.3.3 :S Still getting that issue... and another one, if I try to search a member with special characters in his name I just cant send them an invite
  14. I found that in the ACP and ONLY in the "Manage Addons" page I encounter this text in the header Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/XXX/public_html/web/admin/applications_addon/other/groups/sources/classes/pageLib.php on line 70 Even stranger is that when I installed the block this line repeated itself like 4 times. I have already used the "Tools" tab to recache addons, i rebuilt my skin templates and recached all templates, the messge is still there and my "Text Block" also shows Error: Could not load template 'text_block_output' from group 'groups_apps' The solution for this one provided here http://demo.syvarth.com/tracker/issue-334-error-could-not-load-template-text-block-output-from-group-groups-apps/ didnt worked for me....