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  1. Hello Guys! I'm woking on the public area of the app Hope it won't take too long! Have a nice day!
  2. Hello! Just a quick update. I'm working to bring you the app with the most basic features. Other features, like topic/post creation upon applying, will roll out on future updates, if they turn out to be popular demands. Thank you for your support!
  3. Come back my friend they've added full api structure now and documents :) Love your work hope you had a great holiday season!

  4. Already read. That's not the documentation I need. The one that I need is on another side of the community, which I think it's no accessible by non-developers. As I said, I'm currently developing, but doing it very slowly, because I have to figure out some parts on my own. I would like to use it too, trust me! By now the only thing I can do - and currently doing - is trying to replicate the error by trial and error. Also, the priority right now is version 4. Try to rebuild skin cache and other stuff like that in the mean time. I
  5. Hello please check PM, i cant use your software itś not working... 

  6. Yes, look at the support topic but I need some part of the documentation, and as long as they don't release it, we ALL developers are stuck. You have to understand that we need the documentation to program, as it's a very bad practice to program without making use of official APIs (also, it's very slow). Invision power developers should understand that it's letting a lot of developers down, we can't program by trial and error, just by trying to understand their code. We already are on ipb 4.1 and still no documentation. Don't blame me guys, I tried what I could but got stuck, and it's very frustrating to spend a full day just trying to make a upgrade routine script to work and getting nothing but errors.
  7. Yes! It will be updated, of course! But the 4.0 documentation is not available yet, so we'll have to wait some time Better to wait for official documentation
  8. Hello there! To everyone asking: YES, Applications System WILL be updated for IPB 4.0. There's just one "little" problem, the 4.0 documentation is not available yet, so... yeah, not my fault, sorry
  9. Yes, it is. We have been attacked by Spammers So we are just developing a better spam check. IPB 4.0 is on the way, so we are not going to develop new big updates for the current version, of course
  10. Thank you for noticing me! You have a new PM!
  11. The questions you see on the bottom table are "Available Questions", the app stores them there in order to make things easier for you the next time you want to ask that question for another group, without making you write it again. You have to add at least one question to this group by clicking the plus button. Let me know :)
  12. Sure thing. Seems like a style issue, can you please give me access to your ACP? Give me your credentials via private message. Thank you
  13. I'm really sorry about that, I'm busy upgrading it to ipb 4.0, but it is really going slow since I don't know how the final version will be. Also, I'm trying to reproduce your errors but I'm having quite a hard time, I tried posting a lot of applications, modifying them, suspending, removing etc. but had no luck experiencing that error. I'm afraid I'll have to rewrite the file... Please note that the bug is caused by a change in IPB files. I am really sorry for the lack of support (I'm sure you'll understand that this is not my full time job), this is the only 'real bug', I don't agree with you when you say it lacks important feature, because most of the features you see now have been introduced because of a lot of customer requested them. I don't want to add a feature for just one customer only. I'll have to rewrite the file again, but I guarantee you that patches have always been released.
  14. Thanks for your purchase! :) 1. Appliers can choose their own title when posting the topic, although this might change in future 2. The poll is already included on the application page, doing two polls (the second one on the topic) seems a little too redundant to me. I will do a hook to include the poll on the topic's page too. Thanks! :) 3. Yes, this is intended. Every applier can see their own application in order to check its status. Please understand that I can't do anything to hide a certain topic to one user only, as I'd need to write an entire new application just for that. I didn't knew there were a similar application for phpBB too, I'll check that out but I prefer implementing features my clients ask :)
  15. Hello! The app is NOT broken, i tested it on my test boards and it was fine. Many users install it without reading the requirements first or just say that it doesn't work without even specify the information I need in order for me to help them and report it. It will be updated for 4.0 but don't expect it to be ultra fast, since the app is a little big (> 30k lines). The app will also be trimmed of features that has been rarely used. :) If you need help, just contact me. :)