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  1. updated. now works on all versions of ipb, last tested is 3.4.x enjoy
  2. whats the diff?
  3. can anyone confirm this works or not?
  4. who have permission to change group and ban members?
  5. SamSteve send me a pm with your problem in details along with login to your server ftp/cpanel and ipb admin panel and i will look into it. because it seems your seeking something different tc
  6. SamSteve: I tested it on over 10 forums now with no problem. remember!!!! The example you gave is none coded links. this mod works for coded links only. if you wish to apply it to normal links as well let me know to release a new version example: hides what is inside here i think you miss read the title and the description.
  7. i agree with 1 only
  8. if u want help to convert your site let me know. i have converted from the past as well and i managed to make everything work perfectly. ipb is a great choice!
  9. bump!! alertpay all the way
  10. not that i hate WYSIWYG but as a webmaster i'd rather use the old bbcode way
  11. ipb are doing great, but they can tweak this issue only. not to gray out the options! i know ipb tries its best to be different. but its not always what people want. just saying..
  12. just do like vb, toggle between the old and new way
  13. sadly there aren't real skins around that stands among the rest. i would really like to see a skin that makes me stop for a moment to explore it. sadly.. this never happen
  14. agree on this as well, i was thinking about how useless and seemingly not practical follow topic is in new ipb.
  15. works with 3.2 ?