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  1. I'm trying to prevent the shoutbox from showing on a certain page but can't figure it out since its not an app. I don't want the shoutbox showing on: www.mywebsite.com/index.php?/page/test.html any ideas? is jlogica.com offline?
  2. I think it might be one of my add-ons. I tried Promenu on my test board and it works fine in IE.
  3. This works great in Firefox, but its unreadable in Internet Explorer. It doesn't matter which theme I use. Is there something that I need to edit? ProMenu, fresh install, 2.0.4 IP.Board 3.3.2 Internet Explorer: Firefox:
  4. ahh very cool! 1.0.1 is working for me now. Thank you for your hard work. :alien:
  5. I have this installed and whenever someone gets a new highscore, the scrollbar shows them as getting a highscore on every game in the scrollbar
  6. Is there going to be an update for Autumn Nights to work with 3.1.4?