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  1. So how would chat moderation work if the chat room was full?
  2. Hey Colin guess who LOL

    1. jsbean


      This has everything I wanted in phpBB we will be switching to IPB ASAP :P As soon as funds allow anyway lol

  3. Also would like to ask, the chat is 100% hosted by IPS correct? That means it creates no toll on my web host to have users chatting since it wont use my hosts server resources?
  4. IP.Chat free is a 5 user limit. When I purcahase IPB I intend to get 50 slots but that is irrelevent to this question. My question is, does the user limit include staff. Eg. If I had the 5 user limit, and 5 users were online and no staff were logged in, would we still be able to moderate the chat and ensure everyone is following rules?
  5. Nice I think this is cool :D

  6. I am testing an update :D

  7. This looks cool :D