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  1. SELECT * FROM `World` WHERE `Someone` LIKE '%You%'

  2. Finally upgraded to IP.Board latest and redoing all the modifications including the skin!

  3. I don't exactly understood your question, but if you are looking to evaluate IP.Suite before going to purchase it, you can request a demo. Thanks :)
  4. I think you should allow users to choose the position tooltips are being displayed. Of course, but if user hasn't chosen a position and set the position to 'auto'. public/js/ips.js (line 1322) position: 'auto', Changes to: position: ( $( element ).hasAttribute("data-tooltip-position") ) ? $( element ).readAttribute("data-tooltip-position") : 'auto', That will allow users to define a display position by 'data-tooltip-position' attribute. Like: <img src="icon.png" data-tooltip="Testing Tooltip" data-tooltip-position="bottom" /> Thanks :)
  5. I knew it! :devil: I knew IPS had something in mind :P Good work.. Thank you :)
  6. Hey, I don't know where else to post this. It's nothing really. But I don't know why IPS made it like this. admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php (2935-2942 lines) But don't you think it's better to replace: //----------------------------------------- // Load the member? //----------------------------------------- if ( ! is_array( $member ) AND ( $member == intval( $member ) AND $member > 0 ) ) { $member = self::load( $member, 'all' ); } With this?: //----------------------------------------- // Load the member? //----------------------------------------- if ( is_numeric( $member ) ) { $member = self::load( $member, 'all' ); } Or maybe... if ( is_numeric( $member ) AND $member > 0 ) Thanks for reading this boring post. :smile:
  7. Go to Notification Options to adjust the settings and receive notifications which are opted out.
  8. >Tutorials and >Tracker definitely a go! :smile:
  9. It's not flat. It's just "right!"
  10. Hi there, :) Yes, you can. Go to Forums -> Manage Forums -> [CLICK DOWN ARROW OF THE SECTION] -> Skin Options... :) Yes, you won't have any problem as long as your package supports that much user's online. If you exceeds your quota, you won't suspend, you will be alerted to upgrade your package. Or, you can purchase a self-hosted license to install it on your own server, then all the limitations you have will be of your server's. Thank you :)
  11. Well... so, I suppose your decision is clear! :D So, your next reply I guess "Shut up and take my money!" :D :P
  12. It sure is. IPB turns on notifications by default anyways. :D
  13. You can certainly do it by editing the template. Skin editing is surprisingly easy with IP.Suite. However, I guess after every 2 or 3 sub-forum entry, it breaks down to another row. If you don't like it, you have above option. :) Thanks :)
  14. Hi Danny! Yeah, but I gotta tell the truth, very basically as follows... :D Yes, IPB is very user friendly and there are tons of templates available to download at our Marketplace. IPB performance and it's extraordinary architecture cannot be compared to other forum software. IPB has faster loading speed, not to mention top of all that, it's greatly optimized to run. Yes, to all three! :) Yes, there are certain number of modifications available to notifications system. Anyway, it's easy to customize and each user can select what type of notifications should received, or ignored. Same to email notifications. IPB is far better customizable and user friendly. Take a look at my little community how I customized it for me (in my signature below). You can adjust many registration settings and IPB require user verification via email by default. IPB even has built in system to delete unverified accounts that hasn't been verified by the user in a adjustable time period specified by you. There were several communities where I installed IPB for my few clients and they haven't had any issues with email identifying as a spam. You are most welcome. :) Thank You :)
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