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  2. I can't wait!
  3. Seems like Facebook changed their API again. My page doesn't show anymore. Also noticed that all Facebook widgets are down too.
  4. Fixed the problem. Had the Projects listed as Categories..
  5. Thank you, got it installed. Ran into another issue. I set a few projects. Set the permission and nothing shows with I click on the tracker link on my forum.
  6. I have uploaded the files, can't seem to find it in ACP.
  7. I have skype
  8. Can we do tomorrow evening PST?
  9. Can I PM you my details? Thanks for the fast reply.
  10. Love this menu!! One problem. I went into the promenu css and changed the colors to match my theme. They wont change on my board. Any ideas?
  11. Thank you, works perfect :laugh:
  12. Thats too bad. This was an awesome hook.
  13. TY that worked. I have it on the side only, I want the height to be a little bigger. I can't seem to find any settings in the Shoutbox settings. Where can I edit the height of the Shoutbox.
  14. Yes I have upgraded to Shoutbox v1.1.5
  15. I just upgraded my forum to 3.2.1. My shoutbox disappeared since of the update. I went to check the shoutbox settings, and I get this error when the settings link is clicked. Fatal error: Call to undefined method cp_skin_tools::settings_view_row() in /home/caspsh1/public_html/fly/forum/admin/applications/core/modules_admin/tools/settings.php on line 1248 I have uninstalled and reinstalled, always get the same result. I am using the newest shoutbox version. Any ideas?