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  1. You will not need to repurchase, but you will need to login to the Client Area using the account which was used to make purchase in order to renew. If you have no longer have any access to the email address used when you registered then, or if you are not able to find the email used, please send an email to with as many details of the account as you have, and someone should be able to assist you. Refer to this topic if you wish. Thank you.
  2. In my opinion, the lack of identifiable info on the IP would make me suspect that they are simply up to no good, so I block those if I run across them.
  3. That address is a bit of an odd one, yes. It does not appear to be assigned to an ISP, corporation, or individual, which is why we would not have been able to show you anything for it. Here's the result of a "whois" type lookup on the IP (which, if it were me, I would simply block the /24 range in my server firewall with PRIVATE-ADDRESS-ABLK-RFC1918-IANA-RESERVED Updated: 2012-08-31 Source: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 12025 Waterfront Drive Suite 300 Los Angeles CA 90292 United States
  4. You show as as being in the "Members" group, a Client with licenses which have expired, and would need to renew IP.Board (and any other expired apps you want to upgrade), then you would be able to download the software, both 3.4.9 and the new version 4. (Please file a ticket to customer service if you are not able to renew.) You'd need to upgrade to version 3.4.9 first, and then to version 4; it's a two-step process. Since you said you were using the built-in Subscriptions feature from version 2, you'd also need to have a copy of Nexus purchased and active, since that's the only path to retaining your old Subscriptions. Note that "Nexus" in version 3 is now "Commerce" in version 4. Once the upgrade to version 3.4.9 is finished, you'd install Nexus. Once installed, you'd go to that app in the Admin panel (ACP -> Other Apps, Nexus). The first, and only the first, time you do, you will be prompted to import your Subscriptions to Nexus. Make certain you do that. Once that is done, then you would upgrade the entire suite to version 4. Your old version 2 subscriptions should all be there. However, I am not sure what payment gateway you are using with version 2. There is no gateway in version 4 specifically for Ebay. Someone else may be able to answer that part.
  5. Please see this overview page for the converters: Blogs, Blog Entries, and Blog Comments are converted.
  6. Yes, you can purchase and use Core, Forums, and Commerce now, and then later purchase and add the other apps.
  7. As has been noted, there is (or will be) a plugin to do what you want. For more information, however, you will need to login with your customer account and ask in an appropriate area of the forum. You've used a Guest account (non-customer) to post. Thank you.
  8. When it is a "Security Release", the banner cannot be dismissed, I'm afraid. You will need to upgrade to remove it. When it is just a normal "point-release", then the banner can be dismissed.
  9. I believe he means that the App needs to be updated so it will work with 4.1.10 (and the just-released 4.1.11). You'd need to contact the app author to see when, or if, they will do so.
  10. You're always able to file a ticket to the customer service department, even with an expired license. You can also send an email directly to to report such an issue.
  11. A custom app or plugin can be used on our hosting, yes. (The physical system files cannot be edited, however, as they are encoded.)
  12. That's a coincidence, I'm afraid. As has been stated, embeds are not affected when your license expires.
  13. All of what you describe could be accomplished with either custom coding or a plugin, I believe, but it is not native to the software. However, for specifics you'll need to login with your customer account and ask the questions in an appropriate area.
  14. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Please file a ticket to Client Account Services from the Client Area, and someone will address that issue.
  15. To clarify something asked above... you do not have to buy a new license. Assuming you have a Standard License, you only need to renew it to have access to version 4, support tickets, and the rest of this forum to post and reply. This has been the case for a long time.