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  1. Converter for ips4.0

    KMK, best bet is to convert xenforo to 3.4.7 of ipboard, then from there you shouldnt have any problem getting to 4.0
  2. [XPD] Nexus Global Message

    System Settings > Manage Settings > IPS Apps > IP.Nexus
  3. [XPD] Nexus Global Message

    Where is this found?!?
  4. Yea, that isnt possible. Although I wish it was
  5. Id like to say, Im proud for advertising such a great business
  6. (IG31) Tick Tock Hook

    does this still work?
  7. Featured Users

    Hello, Could this be added as a block in IP Content? If so, could you provide a tut how to do that if purchased?
  8. Reply PM by Email

    Hello William, Does this still work?!
  9. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Hi, Its 11:00 pm, any chance of this coming out at midnight? (Just Kidding)
  10. [GFX] Forum Activity

    Did you already do it? Im confused?!
  11. [GFX] Forum Activity

    Awewsome, thanks alex! Will donate more if you do the tutorial to pull from nexus :) Thanks :)
  12. IPB Image Slider

    Hello, Can this pull data from gallery using ip content?
  13. [GFX] Forum Activity

    Thanks for the support! How can this be modified to pull the data from nexus?
  14. [GFX] Forum Activity

    Hello, I just purchased, could you explain in more detail how to hook this to ip content? Thanks